MISC: The Girl Who Saved the World Part 58

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The speaking stone worked its way around the circle and back to 
Chancellor Holmgren.

“With respect to pursuing the Bearer, we did manage with the aid of 
Baron Supreme Gamesman Kamensky to track down Miss Wells, who introduced 
the City of Steel move seen in that part of the competition.She is 
Highly Regarded by the Lords of the Games. Miss Wells notes that Eclipse 
used a variation on the move she introduced, because the Namestone took 
the response that High Grandmaster Kurchatoff did not.I understand that 
Miss Wells was more than a bit annoyed with this outcome. No.I gather 
that she was positively incandescent. She had wanted to introduce that 
variant herself.Apparently it is even more catastrophic for the opponent 
than the move she used.She did supply a list of all net discussions of 
her move; none anticipated the play actually seen. I note for the record 
that Miss Wells’ mindscreens are perhaps as good as this Eclipse 
person’s, so we know what Miss Wells elected to tell us, and not one 
word more. However, American mentalist Krystal North confirmed that 
everything Miss Wells said agreed with her thoughts and was believed by 
Miss Wells to be true.

“I understand that, in addition, that when the Lords of the Games 
interviewed Miss Wells, she had a champion, the private persona of the 
Boston public persona Sunssword. Apparently there was some friction 
between the Americans and the Russians. TtheThe Supreme Gamesman 
proposed to have Miss Wells kidnapped and subject to rigorous 
interrogation. Miss Wells’ champion did not approve. Kamensky did not 
carry out his proposal, which might have led to a significant 
altercation.Ambassador Romanoff? Did you wish to speak?”

“I wish to emphasize,” Elizaveta Romanoff remarked, “that his Imperial 
Majesty the Tsar of all the Russias was most displeased to learn of this 
threat of violence against Miss Wells, and remonstrated vigorously with 
the Supreme Gamesman and certain court officers when he learned of the 
threat.The lot of them have been informed that they are not to appear in 
the Imperial Court or for that matter in the Moscow Oblast until they 
are summoned back, as act not expected to occur in the near future.”

Holmgren nodded at the American Ambassador.Thaddeus Buncombe cleared his 
throat.“To point out what is well known, Professor Morgana Lafayette is 
the private persona of the public persona Sunssword.She is a biochemist 
at Rogers’ Technological Institution, and is, I am told, widely esteemed 
as being one of my country’s leading scientists. I am advised by the 
Commandant of the American Persona League -- that’s Krystal North; most 
of you have met her -- that Morgana Lafayette appears to be an 
absolutely top-line persona, one who is not to be trifled with. Krystal, 
Miss North, opined that any attempt to kidnap Miss Wells would have been 
a suicidal act, but only on the part of the kidnappers. Having said 
that, I can report that Speaker Ming views the actions of the Tsar, 
including the personal letters of apology to Miss Wells and to each of 
her parents, to be entirely appropriate as a correction, and hopes that 
the matter between our two ancient nations can be put to rest.”

Most of the other ambassadors looked relieved. “What sort of young 
woman,” Moeller mumbled, “conceivably is an obstacle to the Russian 
Elite Strike Group?” Buncombe decided that he should be surprised that 
Moeller had asked an intelligent question. It was highly atypical of 
Moeller. He really should ask Washington for a clarification with 
respect to Lafayette.Also, he wondered, how did Moeller know who 
Kamensky had as backups?

“Where are we,” Holmgren ask, “with respect to the Argentine border 
issue? Madame Ambassador Mascarenhas da Silva?”

“Tragically,” she said, “there has been a fresh attack, this time within 
the Brazilian Empire. Perhaps a thousand men, women, and children have 
gone to their graves…or wherever. There are very few bodies. We are 
attempting to collect information. It does not appear that any local 
residents had the presence of mind shown by that fine young Argentine 
man, a few days ago, who was able to collect good photographs. Indeed, 
the Emperor Pedro, the Sixth of his name, noting the young man continued 
to take photographs while he was dodging the claws of the unknown, has 
asked the President of the Argentine Republic for permission to 
contribute to the upkeep and education of the young man’s family, as a 
tribute to his heroism.However, through other routes we may yet be in 
possession of a detailed record of events.” She passed the speaking 
stone back to Holmgren.

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