SW10/REVIEW: Catalog of Earths, 2017 Update #3 of 5: The Web Comics

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Dec 28 19:26:02 PST 2017

The Powernaut (covered earlier as part of "Introduction and SW10") 
appears in a web comic himself.  We here cover the other artistic 
content of RACC.


UNIVERSE:  Ripping Off King Arthur

- Type:  Mystic, apparently

- Chronicler:  Arthur Spitzer

- Chronicler's Web Site:  http://www.rippingoffkingarthur.com/

- Tag:  WWW

- Activity:  sporadic

- Relevance:  Major as for last year.  This continuum is dominated by 
one cosmic-level threat, and the resistance is slowly assembling (*one* 
step this year).  At this rate, they will bring their plans into action 
years from now.  Same comment as last year, but still true.

- Threat Analysis:  remains at Medium-level due to inactivity.  But this 
could upgrade dramatically in one burst of action.  Same comment as last 
year, but still true.

- Critique:  When the stories actually happen, they remain impressive or 
just plain fun, and often both.  Same comment as last year, but still true.

- Psychovant's Comments:  At least kittens still say Mother#$@%er.


UNIVERSE:  Hit Girlz / Sky Commander

- Type:  Tech

- Chroniclers:  Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton

- Chronicler's Web Site:  http://www.xcelsioronline.com/

- Tag:  WWW

- Activity:  Roughly weekly

- Relevance:  Minor (decreased from Major last year).  We *assume* this 
is one universe, because there is no contradiction among their stories. 
This universe is self-contained and unlikely to interact with others on 
its own initiative.  The story has moved on from teenage hit girls, to 
people who fly with jetpacks in the 1940s.

- Threat Analysis:  Low-level.  Some adventure heroes may show up at the 
RACCies or something.

- Critique:  We think the Hit Girlz storyline extended into this year, 
though they may not have publicized at RACC.  Sky Commander has started 
a storyline in time for the review, though.  They probably have a good 
reason that people can fly with jetpacks in the 1940s.  So this story 
has potential...  The artwork remains, top of the line.

- Psychovant's Comments:  I wanna see those jetpacks burn someone's ass!

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