MISC: GODLING # 58 The Inspection by J. Vandersteen

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GODLING # 58  The Inspection by J. Vandersteen 


New Troy courtroom. Inside are slick lawyer Julius Slim and DA Linda Cooper. Godling is also in the courtroom.
    The judge says, “I can understand the doubts voiced by Mr. Slim. I also agree that Ms Cooper has made it sufficiently clear that while the supercriminals Godling apprehends are held for a short time in his Tartarus II the actual trial before they are imprisoned follows the law.”
    That puts a big smile on Linda who winks at Godling. Julius looks mad.
     The judge continues, “I do order an inspection to take place of this facility. Mr. Slim can be present.”
    Godling stands, “With all due respect, there might be some danger involved there. The criminals incarcerated there are quite dangerous. I don’t want the inspectors to be harmed.”
    “Then I’m sure you will make sure of that while you guide them,” the judge says.
    “Errr… Sure, your honor,” Godling says.

Tartarus II, the hallway.
Godling, Linda and Julius are introduced to a young black woman and a heavyset white male. Both are in business suits. The woman says, “Melinda Barry, Bureau of Prison Reports.” The man introduces himself as Tony Ripley of the same.
    “I propose you just show us around a bit,” Melinda says.
    “I will. You already met the guards, the New Hekatoncheires. They are charged with guarding this facility and making sure the prisoners are taken care of,” Godling says and points at a tentacled robot that scurries around the hall.
    “Yes. I must say he was very polite,” Melinda says.
    “Yeah, but what do you mean by taken care of?” Tony asks.
    “They cook their meals, take care of their medical needs,” Godling explains.
    “What? How do they do that? They need to be amazingly advanced robots for that,” Melinda says.
    “Well, in fact they are. I created them using the Spear of Destiny before it was destroyed (all the way back in #21). I make sure they are in excellent working order using the engineering skills of Hephaistos.”
   “What if they malfunction? Aren’t there any human guards here?” Tony asks.
   “I told you, I make sure they are always in excellent working order. They don’t malfunction.”
   “How can you be so sure of that,” asked Julius.
   “Barry and Ripley are doing the inspection, you’re just along for the ride, Slim!” Linda looked angry.
   “Fair question though,” Tony says.
   “I told you I use the engineering skills of a Greek god. They don’t malfunction,” Godling says.
   “I’ve been reading up on mythology before I came here,” Tony says. “The Olympians weren’t exactly infallible.”
   “Probably more so than humans. So are these robots. They cannot be bribed, don’t require sleep, are never distracted,” Godling says.
   “Guess that’s true. So maybe we should see the cells, maybe talk to some inmates,” Melinda offers.
   “Sure, follow me.” Godling guides them through the facility, showing them cells with bars of mythical steel, sometimes laser beams. Some are filled with water. Some have mystical writing on the wall.
   “That looks interesting,” Melinda says.
   “I have taken every countermeasure needed to prevent the criminals from escape. From magic to engineering. Whatever it takes,” Godling explains.
   “Those laser beams look dangerous,” Melinda says.
   “Only when you don’t have super strength. If you do it’s like barbed wire.”
   The prison cell with the laser beams contains Death Dog, the villain with the sharp teeth and doglike powers. He says, “Godling mistreats us. I can show you the marks on my arm where he whipped me. He likes to torture us.”
   “What?” Melinda says, shocked.
   “He’s lying to you. That’s all nonsense!” Godling says.
   “Here, let me show you. Come closer,” Death Dog tells Melinda.
   “Don’t, he’s very dangerous. You can’t come to close!”
   “Look,” Death Dog says and puts an arm through the laser bars. Melinda looks at the arm. Death Dog snatches her arm and puts his teeth on her wrist.

Monica Sawyer looks out the window, drinking wine. She thinks back to Wade Hudson’s last visit (in # 55):
Hudson tells her he wants to talk about their relationship. He says: “I want you back in my life. I’m hoping you have forgotten those dark days I was under the influence of that damned helmet that made you break up with me (# 37). Time heals all wounds, right?”
   “I’m not sure. I just don’t know. Maybe… Maybe we could take it slow. Have a dinner date or something.”
   “That sounds good. Tomorrow evening at eight. I will pick you up and make the reservations.”
   So now Monica is looking out the window, thinking, Is that take charge attitude he showed again what I want? Or WOULD I be better off with someone more gentle like Quentin… Oh, why is love so complicated?

In Tartarus II…
“Godling, switch off the lasers or I tear open her wrist,” Death Dog threatens. Melinda is crying, full of fear.
   Godling sighs. “Voice command override. Shut down cell Omega.”
The bars are gone and Death Dog leaves his cell, an arm wrapped around Melinda. “Now I’m getting out of here.”
   “No you’re not,” Godling says.
   A Hekatoncheires connect with Death Dog’s back with a tentacle, using some sort of needle to inject him. Death Dog drops down on the floor, releasing Melinda.
   Ripley takes Melinda by the arm, pulling her away from the villain.
   “Lock him up again,” Godling says. Two Hekatoncheires drag Death Dog back to his cell.
   “Voice command override. Activate cell Omega,” Godling says, activating the beams again. “Death Dog will be okay in an hour or so. A bit woozy and sick maybe.”
   “Wow, I was so scared!” Melinda says.
  “Well, you’ve seen why I have built this place. These criminals are so much faster and stronger… A special place is needed. And as you have also seen I’ve got it all under control.” 
  “I guess so,” Melinda says. “I think we’ve seen enough.”
  “Yeah, let’s get the hell out of here,” Ripley says.
  “What? Already?” Julius says. “You can’t do that… you…”
  “You are welcome to visit anytime again,” Godling says.
  “Well, that might be awhile,” Melinda says.


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