[ASH/HCC] "Pedagogy the Hard Way" - a fractured fairy tale

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Thu Apr 27 15:17:36 PDT 2017

 '|`  /|(`| |   "Pedagogy the Hard Way" - a fractured fairy tale
     /-|.)|-|                           copyright 2017 by Dave Van Domelen

[April 26, 1957 - The Black Forest, Germany]

     "Yes, Georg?"
     "What is all this?" the spider-spirit gestured with one of its eight
legs, taking in the bloody clearing, only the occasional small finger or a
foot recognizable as having once been human.
     "I was teaching children lessons, like you said to," the neo-Aurochs
replied, his basso profundo voice catching a little with worry.
     "Lennard, what lessons can these children learn now?"
     "Well, they won't be wandering into the forest alone!" Lennard beamed.
     Georg sighed.  "No, these ones won't.  But the job is to teach them, not
pulp them...."
     "Sorry, Georg."


Author's Notes:

     This was written for High Concept Challenge v2 #1, "Fairy Tales".  I
decided to go with a drabble, and included the time and location stamp in the
100 words, but not the header or these notes.

     In the real world, the Nazis back-bred an attempt at an Aurochs, the
ancient ancestor to domesticated cattle.  The results are still a nuisance in
a few places.  I figure that the Heck brothers might have tried a little
magic in the ASH universe, getting better results but accidentally creating a
spirit beast version that survived past the end of WWII...and needed to find
work as a fairy tale critter.

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