LNH20: Writer's Block Person #28

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 10:46:38 PDT 2017

"Uggggh," said Writer's Block Person, sitting at their desk and holding 
their head in their hands. "I've been trying to push through my anxiety, 
but it's hard to move past my fears. I wish there was something more 
concrete I could focus my efforts on, push against."

"Oh, hey," said Doctor Puppy, leaning in the doorway. "There's a guy out 
in the parking lot named The Fear-Whisperer, says he's calling you out?"

WBP gasped gleefully. "A face I can hit! :D" They transformed and ran 
out the door.

The Fear-Whisperer was a hulking form, in organic, baroque gray armor, 
covered in wiggly bits, with long, clacking claws, squinting, glowing 
eyes, and a small, open mouth that black vapor hissed out of.

"Fear-Whisperer!" said Writer's Block Person, posing dynamically and 
pointing. "I'm taking you down!!" They rushed forward, pulling out their 

"But What If You're Not Supposed To."

Writer's Block Person stumbled. "Shitcrap!" they said, falling over on 
one knee. Uncertainty, the burning pain of what might happen, lit up 
their right temple, their forehead.

"It Might Be The Wrong Choice," the Fear-Whisperer whispered, stepping 
closer, clacking its claws. "You're Forgetting To Do Something. You're 
Going To Mess Up. Better Check Again. And Again."

"Nh. No," they said, pushing themself up. "It's... it's..." They raised 
their sword just in time to block a claw-swipe, but fell on their back.

Crap, they thought. Gotta get help... They reached out with 
alt.telepathy, sending a message out to their other selves across the 

There was a tug at the other end. With a cloudy shimmering, Kid Review 
appeared - but they were lying prone on the ground, right next to WBP.

"Ugggh..." Kid Review shook his head. "It's no use... this guy exists 
across multiple dimensions. He's inside us."

"Craaaap..." WBP managed to roll to avoid another claw-swipe, but just 
barely. "I don't know what to do. What I'm *allowed* to do, what's 

"Drew!" Kid Review grabbed WBP by the shoulders. "Listen. Whatever you 
do, it's okay. You'll succeed and go further, help more people, live a 
better life, if you follow your goals and do what you truly know is 
good. And if anything goes wrong, we can fix it. We have the time and 
the power. It's okay."

Writer's Block Person blinked with stinging eyes. They coughed. "How... 
how do you know that's true?"

Kid Review grinned. "Because I believe in myself."

WBP hesitated... grinned. "Right!"

They backflipped out of the way of the Fear-Whisperer's crushing blow, 
leaping and bouncing and pirouetting out of the way, pulling his aggro. 
With a great leap, they landed on the second-floor balcony of the 
building, pointing down at the hulking form.

"Fear-Whisperer!" they shouted. "This won't be our last battle! But for 
today, I am taking you down!" They thrust their hands out, rainbow 
sparkles glittering on their fingertips. "Incredible... Artisinal... 
Spectrum... Beauty... Flash!"

Beams of colorful energy poured from their fingertips, twisting and 
dancing and twirling through the air before impacting the Fear-Whisperer 
with a THOOM! There was a great cloud of pink smoke, and when it 
cleared, all there was was a card with one point embedded in the ground.

Writer's Block Person leapt down and plucked the card from the ground. 
"I got The Anxiety! Nice!" They tucked it in their armor. "That's 
another check for my Metaphors For Personal Problems Trading Card 

They helped Kid Review to their feet, and the two of them leaned on each 
other's shoulders. They went inside, and gave Dr. Puppy lots of belly rubs.

Drew "vent art is good times" Perron

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