LNH20/LUNA: Writer's Block Person #24

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 19:53:34 PDT 2017

Writer's Block Person stepped into the only English-style pub in 
Pittsburgh (at least, the only one that wasn't inside a hotel), holding 
the dirty napkin that had been taped to their door. It had the address 
and a time. They peered in, looking around...

Ah, there, at the bar - a man in a dirty trenchcoat despite the warm 
day, with a face surprisingly similar to Queen-era Freddie Mercury, 
having his cigarettes confiscated as the bartender pointed to the city 
ordinance sign behind the bar.

"Aha!" said Writer's Block Person, sitting down next to them. "Barnabas 
McGillicuddy, the John Constantine of LNH20!"

"The who what of which?" said Barnabas, tossing a beer nut in his mouth.

"Oh, right, you don't get the reference because like most LNH20 
characters you don't have the awareness of yourself as a fictional--"

Barnabas grabbed his umbrella and attempted to whack WBP with it 
repeatedly.  "Speak! English! You! Nerd!"

Writer's Block Person giggled, holding up their arms to block the 
'attack'. "Okay, okay, never mind."

Barnabas humphed and straightened their trenchcoat. "Anyway. Thought I'd 
treat you to lunch."

WBP grinned with just a slight smirk at the edge. "Out of the pure 
goodness of your heart, eh?"

"Please, you know I traded that away for a fag-end and a handjob. Nah, 
this is payback for when you pulled me out of that jam with the Memetic 
Masters of the Mindverse. Get whatever y'like."

"Ooooh, thanks. Veggie burger and fries, please, with the fruitiest 
drink you have." They relaxed, stretching out. "So do you always take 
someone on a date post-teamup?"

Barnabas laughed and shook their head. "Pfff, date? Don't flatter 
yourself. I just like not owin' anyone anything."

"Ahhhh, I see, so this is just proactive debt-settling." Writer's Block 
Person took a big bite of their burger.

"Sure. What, you think I *like* you or somethin'?"

Writer's Block Person half-choked. They chewed the bite carefully and 
swallowed. Eyes shining, they whispered, "...*tsundere*!"

WHAP! went Barnabas's umbrella. "English!"

"Heeeheehee. Okay, okay. Well, I figure your debt's paid up after this, 
but my evening's free. If you wanna go dutch, I'd be up for a movie."

"...okay, but only 'cause it's boring to go alone."

"Of course, of course! Wanna go together on a extra-size drink with two 
straws, since it's more economical?" WBP grinned cheerfully.

Barnabas chucked. "Sharp one, ain'tcha? I'll have to keep an eye on you."

"I guess you will~"

Drew "based on a prompt by Deuce" Perron

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