LNH20: Writer's Block Person #23

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 21:38:59 PDT 2017

Writer's Block Person was walking down the street downtown when a dark 
figure wearing an all-concealing robe beckoned him into an alleyway. 
Since 21st-century downtown Pittsburgh had huge, spacious alleyways that 
weren't particularly dark or dangerous, they shrugged and followed along~

"Greetings, Chosen One!" said the mysterious figure. "I am... The Other 
Mysterious Figure!"

"Wait, the *other* one?"

"Yeah, isn't The Mysterious Figure one of Adrian's characters?"

Writer's Block Person shrugged! They said, "What's with all the Chosen 
One stuff?"

"You have been chosen by higher powers... to be the main character of 
this series!"

"...I GUESS!" Writer's Block Person shrugged harder!! "But does that 
really mean I have to be at the center of some kind of weird prophecy?"

"It does! For only you can face... The Metaplot!" The Other Mysterious 
Figure lifted their arm and started trying to walk backwards. "More I 
cannot say, for I must remain--"

"Excuse me!?" Writer's Block Person grabbed at the all-concealing robe. 
"You're getting right back here, buster, and giving me more hecking 

The robe fell off, and the figure fell on their rear. "Wait, crap--" 
They tried to cover their face, but it was too late.

WBP gasped. "Of course! The only one of Drew's author avatars who hasn't 
shown up yet-- the Ununnilium Stranger!!!"

"Dangit." The Ununnilium Stranger pushed up to a crouch and brushed off 
their butt. "I was *going* to say 'for I must remain a stranger', and 
that was going to be a clue, but you skipped to the end."

"Right right whatever," said WBP, helping them up. "What the heckle, dude?"

"Well, it seemed like it was a good idea to toss in bits of generic 
foreshadowing that could be followed up on later when there was actually 
something we wanted to foreshadow."

"Uh-*huh*." WBP shook their head. "So is there really going to be a 

The Ununnilium Stranger gazed off into the distance, their tie-dye 
trenchcoat flapping in the wind. "One day, we shall know..."

WBP shrugged. "I'm taking that as a no, then~" They wandered off to the 
gyro place at 10th and Penn.

"Ah, wait, I left my bus pass in my other robe..." US followed after.

Drew "there is no such thing as too meta" Perron

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