LNH20: Writer's Block Person #15

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 16:41:19 PDT 2017

Writer's Block Person was hanging out at home, no doubt doing something 
*adorable* and *domestic*. Bah! I, the NEGA-NARRATOR, demand that they 
come forth!

"Eh?" Writer's Block Person put down the giant pink heart pillow they 
were cuddling. "What's all this then?"

It's issue *fifteen* of this series, and neither your heroic form nor 
your human form have been properly described! Do the readers even 
remember that you transform into an armored hero? We're getting this 
tied down *right now*!

"Oh, well." WBP blushed. "If you wanted me tied down--"

NO! None of that kinky stuff in this one! Description *only*!

"Okay, okay," WBP giggled. "Well, um... no, wait, let's do it like..."

"Okay, okay," Writer's Block Person giggled, covering their mouth with 
one hand. They sat up on their magenta couch, looking up towards the 
metaphorical camera. They wore a bright pink shirt with astrological 
planetary symbols on it (causing the colorist no end of difficulties as 
she tried to establish a contrast between the shirt and the couch), blue 
jeans, and rainbow socks. They were white, with a slight natural blush 
on each cheek, and had brown hair styled in an Alan Davis swoop. They 
were androgynous-looking, with a goatee and small breasts, as well as a 
fair bit of chubbiness concentrated around the belly and hips. They had 
sparkly chocolate-brown eyes, and wore purple catseye glasses.

Bah! I suppose that will do! Now, transform!

"Right!" Writer's Block Person pulled out a glittery purple pen. 
"HENSHINSPIRATON!" They clicked the top of the pen and spun into a 
sparkly transformation sequence. Their body turned into a coruscating 
tie-dye silhouette, and their clothes melted away. Pieces of armor flew 
into view and slammed into place. Nail polish sparkled into being right 
before their hands were armored, and lipstick followed suit as the 
helmet locked into place and the visor covered their eyes.

They stood and posed, hands in loose fists over their head, chest pushed 
out. Their armor was in purple with gold accents over a black bodysuit. 
They had a purple chestpiece with swoopy, pointed golden shoulders and a 
heart-shaped amethyst in the center of their chest outlined in gold. A 
long, scalloped cape draped behind them, in sparkly gold. They had long 
gauntlets like armored evening gloves with golden wristbands, and long 
boots with slight heels, like flats. They wore a golden belt buckle 
shaped like an open book, and a helmet with a black visor shaped like 
their glasses and a pair of golden pointed wolf-ears.

"Man, you're right, having the description is much better!" said 
Writer's Block Person. "And being transformed lets me defeat the villain!"

Indeed! Now we can finally-- wait, what?

"Megalo..." They raised their hands. "Burning..." They crossed their 
arms, and little balls of light shone on their fingertips. 
"Iridescent..." They cupped their hands, and the light gathered into a 
ball. "Spirit..." The ball burst into a conflagration of flame. "Flash!" 
They tossed the ball into the narration.

*              * * * T H O O O O O M * * *              *

The Nega-Narrator fell to the floor, and Writer's Block Person pulled 
their mask off. "Of course! My old frenemy, Distraction Damsel!"

"And I would've gotten away with it too, if..." Distraction Damsel 
paused. "Actually, what was I even trying to do?"

WBP giggled. "I knew you'd end up distracting yourself in the end!"

"Neeeeerd." She kissed WBP on the helmet, leapt out the window, and fled 
into the afternoon~

Drew "now I'm just being gratuitous" Perron

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