LNH20: Writer's Block Person #14

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 16:48:09 PDT 2017

Today, Writer's Block Person was logging in from the cafe at the public library!

"Hmm hmm," they hmm'd under their breath. "I don't know what to write~ I'm going to lose all my momentum and have to work in corporate America and shrivel~ into~ a~ husk~"

They shook themselves out and decided to work up the momentum by editing the wiki. "This~" they sung, "is not a WikiLull~ crossover~ That would~ get me totally stuck~"


"What?" said the head ninja, crossing their arms. "No! We are here to attend the Teen Ninja Leadership Seminar, thank you very much!"

"awh," said Writer's Block Person. "Sorry." They sighed and looked around...

"...wait a minute," they said. "Wait just a minute... there's... there's like a million comics here!!"

Five minutes later, they were sitting in an overstuffed reading chair, a stack of trade paperbacks, archive editions, and digest collections as tall as they were sitting next to them.

"ahhhhhh." They sighed in contentment. "Remember, kids: Support your local library."

Drew "frick, hardcover Fourth World collections" Perron

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