LNH20/WISP: Writer's Block Person #12

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 20:23:27 PDT 2017

The coffeehouse door opened, and in strode a figure. A Korean woman with 
a curl of bright red hair. A cape that shaded from dark blue at the top, 
through red, into orange, yellow and white at the feathered edge, held 
on by an off-center heart-shaped golden brooch. A polished cherry-wood 
staff with blossoms growing out of one end. All this, over a tie-dyed 
T-shirt with a black Venus symbol on it and blue jeans.

She stood dramatically between the rack of seasoning shakers and the 
"20% off smoothies" ad and planted the butt of her staff on the ground. 
"I am... Whisperion!"

Writer's Block Person gasped. "And... are you *also* here to take me on 
a date?"

"...what? No."

"Aw. Okay. But--" They stood up dramatically. "Why have you come!?"

Whisperion inhaled, lowering her head. She flung her hand out 
dramatically and declared, "I have no idea!"

THWUNK! Writer's Block Person fell over in surprise, legs splayed out 

Drew "This is--

"No, no, hang on, hang on," said Writer's Block Person, lifting themself 
up from the floor. "Jeez, these visual gags in text are hard on your 
body... What are you even doing, being all dramatic and cool-looking, then?"

"Like I said, I have no idea! Drew was just looking through old posts 
while putting together the Eligibles, and decided to make a Whisper 
character finally. I don't actually know what my powers are or what they 
do." She paused. "Actually, how much of an author avatar *are* you? Can 
I blame you for this?"

"Uhhh... no, definitely not." WBP looked around shiftily. "But maybe we 
can just decide what your powers are. What would you like to be?"

"Well, let's see." Whisperion pulled up a chair at Writer's Block 
Person's table. "A big part of the original 'Whisper' powerset that was 
talked about was healing - 'heal the wound, bridge the gap, fill the 
void'. Would just 'heals wounds' be too simplistic a power?"

"Hmmmm... I mean, you have those flowers. Maybe you can make things grow?"

"Ooooh, yeah. Encourage growth. But what does that mean in literal 
terms? I don't think I want to be swinging my staff and making people 
older. That sounds bad if there's no take-backs."

"True... maybe enhanced plant growth is a secondary effect of your 
powers. Like, around you, there's more life-force."

"Ooooh. We could tie that into the whole LNH20 theme of life and death, 
like how Kid Enthusiastic's powers come from--"

"Actually, Drew never wrote the story about that."

"Seriously? Well, I guess I'm not surprised. Anyway, maybe I can... 
oooh, maybe I can absorb other types of energy and transform them into 
life-force. And channel it into people? And it doesn't heal wounds 
directly, but it bolsters your body's systems."

"Oh, I like that. So, then, now that we know what you do, why are you 
here? Like, in this place, right now?"

"Hmmm... Oh, I know! I'm fighting a life-force vampire and it's RIGHT 

"Oh CRAP--" THWUNK! WBP was knocked out of their chair, and the battle 
was on.

Drew "This is literally my creative process" Perron

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