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Sun Sep 25 13:50:58 PDT 2016

On 9/19/2016 9:39 PM, George Phillies wrote:
> I have been convinced the I need to do a major rewrite.

Good good. <3 I've been doing a lot more rewriting lately. XD It's been good, 
tho time-consuming.

> “Rolf,” she answered, her use of the first name reminding her audience
> of the ill-kept secret that she was also Lindgren’s mistress, or perhaps
> the other way around,

That's a good way to put it. :>

> “The Wizard of Mars agreed, a very expensive question
> to have had answered.

I seriously want to know more about the Wizard of Mars. :D

> If she had a team backing her,
> they did a darn fine job of remaining invisible the whole time, not to
> mention fooling six Drains and a Seer.

"Darn fine" seems pretty casual for her.

> Perhaps I should also be bothered that she did
> not give the Martyr her private persona name. The Copper Book says that
> that is a requirement for being given the Namestone. Somehow she managed
> to dodge answering his question.”

Hm. :o

> Unless,
> Valkyria thought, you cheat by presenting the Maze with an artificial
> construct that has no mental weaknesses. Alas, the construct was not
> quite ready to enter the Maze before this Eclipse showed up.

Somehow I'm not sure that would have worked. XD

> “Asked? When she could have taken it? She shows she is weak!” Markgraf
> Moeller grumbled.

Siiiiiigh 9-9

> “Thus,” Saigo continued, “as she is as worthy as the Martyr, who read
> her soul before granting her the stone, she is no danger to anyone.
> However, she may defend herself. Such acts might have less than ideal
> consequences to nearby places, for example the neighboring continent.
> Accordingly, the Satsuma Domain will not find it entirely convenient at
> this time to participate in attempting her capture.”

An excellent way of looking at it.

Drew "don't poke the bear" Perron

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