MISC: The Girl Who Sved the World Part 50

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Sun Sep 25 12:03:40 PDT 2016

On 8/31/2016 7:01 PM, George Phillies wrote:
> Holmgren stood at the head of the table, waiting for the ambassadors of
> the Great Powers to be seated. Finally all of them had arrived and were
> in place. He leaned into his chair and tapped his gavel once. “Our
> recess is over. We are again in session. The ambassadors who had placed
> objection markers at the last meeting have all indicated to me that they
> insist on raising their objections before we advance to Brigade Leader
> Valkyria and her report on the events at the Maze. I therefore recognize
> Ambassador Buncombe.”

Now that the larger pattern of how their meetings work is established, you can 
probably cut down a bit on showing the formalities.

> For example, if the bearer were to be found in scenic Buffalo, North York,

I love "North York". It's just different enough.

> “The Living Sun, The First Speaker,”
> Smoking Frog said, “has anticipated the outrageous statements of the
> American Ambassador and his foreign toadies.


> Holmgren told
> himself that he had wisely packed several large flasks in his vest and
> suitcoat pockets, and suspected that very soon he would be managing to
> drain them of their fine beverages, all of which had begun their lives
> as grain, variously American, Scots, and Russian in extraction.

Heeheehee :> A nice moment.

> “What do we tell our citizens?” Lars Holmgren finally responded prayerfully.
> “Perhaps,” Buncombe said, “you could tell the people of the world that
> you eventually reached this meeting’s agenda.”


Drew "fun times" Perron

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