LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #33: Catalytic Conversions Part Two

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In this weeks reposting of stuff you can find in the eyrie archive
we have LNH Comics Presents Special #5.

Another issue of Joltin' Jeff McCoskey's one man crossover, this
one reprints two issues of Tales of the LNH (#263 and 264).  The
reprints take place back in time when Lost Cause Boy was still

(In reality Tales of the LNH started with issue #278 leaving a big old
mystery gap between #1 and 277)

             | |      Classic			
             | |                      =
             | |      ____    ____    _    ____    ___
             | |__   | [] |  | [] |  | |  | [] |  | _ \  

             |____|   \__]    \__ |  |_|   \__/   |_|\_\
                                |_|  OF NET.HEROES

                                     ADVENTURES #33

                     Catalytic Conversions Part Two

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Subject: LNH: LNH Comics Presents Special #5  (Catalytic Conversions 2/3)
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{Cover is Deductive Logic Man holding copies of _Tales of the LNH_ #263-#264
	asking "How can these help find Catalyst Lass?"  I...Revampire is in 
	the classic posture of vampiric retreat.

	At bottom a jigsaw puzzle-piece graphic proclaims "CATALYTIC 
	CONVERSIONS part 2/3"}

		===============		===============

Now, from the busiest man in RACC (uh, not Badge, Kid Recap):

	"In LNH Triple Play #6, Catalyst Lass' friends became concerned
about her apparant multiple personalities.  Hooded Ho`'od Win attempted
to cause her to battle herself as therapy, but instead conjured a duplicate. 
Before the LNH could piece the circumstances together, REVAMPIRELLA, QUEEN 
OF THE REVAMPIRES spirited both away from under the LNH's nose!  Now why on 
Earth did it take the author 500 lines to >.<

And now back to our story.

		===============		===============

	*Calm yourself Person.*  Particle Man did not attempt to reply
to Blue mentally.
	"I will _not_ calm myself.  While we dawdle, Cat is being
spirited away by, by, Revampires."
	"All of us are concerned, Person," said Ordinary Lady firmly. 
"But it would be foolish to run off half-cocked without knowing what we
are up against."
	"*@#&^^in' right," said Innovative Offense Boy.  "Let's
&*#@$)@^$in' hear what this !*#%&in' poove has to say."  IOBoy
referred to the Victorian-dressed I...Revampire.
	"Indeedst.  List' on my tale -- mayhap we might profit fromst the
retelling of the first time the LNH encounter'd that dreadst mistress,
Revampirella.  Mayhap again with thine aid...but list' on the story first. 
T'was a far simpler time.  A vitaliz'd Bill Clinton hadst unseated King
George for the New World's throne.  Thy country wast mezmeriz'd by the
heart-felt crooning of Madonna, and the Legion of Net.Heroes wast
unfurling its wings as a force for justice in Net.ropolis...."

		===============		===============
[Reprinted from 'Tales of the LNH #263:  Enter Freely and of Your Own

	In a room with panelling the color of decay, a sigil was marked
with black candles.  In the center of the room sat a sheerly-robed woman
fingering a translucent amulet, formed seemingly of hardened blood.  Her
face was a mixture of fear and determination.  The woman raised her arms
and nearly uttered the first syllable, when a door opened in the panelling.
	Light poured in from the other room, as did the comforting tones
of the _Beers_ theme song.  It was the special final episode.  The room
looked less like decay than beige in the direct lighting.
	"Revamp Lass are you goi...who is your decorator?"  The
newcomer was an open-faced young man with a grey and green costume
and 'fading square' graphic on the chest.
	"Hiatus!!!   Didn't I tell you not to interrupt me!?  A minute later
and who knows _what_ an interruption would have done?"
	"Occultism Kid."
	"It was a rhetorical question," she answered blackly.
	"Reva, won't you reconsider?  If Mr. Homage finds out you're
trying to increase your powers without his consent, you'll be, well, you
could get reassigned to the South Ame.rec.an operation!"
	"Mr. Homage doesn't need to know about it until it's done, does
he?  After I've fully tapped the power of the Revampire's Amulet he'll be
more than pleased with my enhanced profitability."
	"Reva, you're no magician.  You know the legends of the
Revampires -- I think you're playing in the bearcave."
	"Hi, I'm not willing to wait until the LNH is old to use my
powers.  With the full power of the Amulet, I can Revamp those heroes
_now_, not when they are forgotten.  I'm going ahead with it," she
concluded firmly.
	From the other room the TV blared, //'Herm!'//
	//'What ho, Herm.'//
	//'Any ho you can find, and have her bring me a beer.'//
	Hiatus looked over his shoulder and played his trump card. 
"You're gonna miss the _Beers_ finale!"  Revamp Lass just glared at her
partner.  Canned laughter echoed in, distracting Hiatus.  "Well, ok, if you
insist.  But be careful."  Hiatus slammed the door closed, inadvertantly
blowing out one of the innumerable candles.
	Revamp Lass shook her frustration out, missing the
extinguishing candle.  "Now, where was I?"

	An hour and a half later, Revamp Lass staggered out of the room
into the Brotherhood of Net.Villains recreation room.  Hiatus was
smoking a cigar looking melancholy.  "Reva?"  He jumped to his feet. 
"Are you all right?"
	"I-I think so.  But the spell didn't work!  I don't underst..."
	Revamp Lass collapsed, to be caught by Hiatus.  He failed to
notice the absence of her Revampire's Amulet.

		===============		===============

	In some unnamed dark and dank medieval room, a foppish
sillhouette raves.  Moonlight glints off what must be fangs in the shape's
}	Again it startest!  Aught centuries of fruitless quest, of the pull 
of the Byrne, again I feelst the presence of my Dark Mistress.  SHE hast
reveal'd HERself to me -- but that pull shalt become HER downfall.  And
finally mine torment shall endeth!  }

[ } That, indeedst, wast I.  }   I...Revampire remarked unecessarily.]

		===============		===============

	Catalyst Lass strolled through the LNHHQ lobby on her way
out, but the scene brought her up short.  Hiatus, a member of the
Brotherhood of Net.Villains, was threatening the receptionist!  Cat reared
back and launched her book, "Drain Pans of Desire" at the general alarm.
	"Put him down and behave yourself!"
	Hiatus put the receptionist down, sat on his hands and looked
guiltily about.  Ultimate Ninja triple-flipped into the lobby, Ginsu 
a deadly strobe.  Sig.Lad came running up the stairs, followed closely by
Lurking Girl.
	"Turn that thing off!" ordered Ultimate Ninja.  "We can hardly
hear ourselves think."
	"What is it Cat?" asked Sig.Lad.
	"I saw Hiatus menacing the receptionist and assumed the
Brotherhood was attacking.  He appears to be alone though."  Cat turned
to the miserable Net.Villain.  "You'd like to tell us why you're here
wouldn't you?"
	"There's no need to use your catalyzing powers on me.  I came
here seeking the LNH's help."
	Ultimate Ninja's eyes narrowed.

	"Let me get this straight," deadpanned Ultimate Ninja.  "Revamp
Lass, a member of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains, is in trouble.  And
you want our help without telling Mr. Homage?!?"
	"Is it asking too much?"  One look at the cold fury in Ultimate
Ninja's eyes convinced him it might be.  "I-it's not ordinary trouble, or I
wouldn't have come to you.  It's , uh, dire trouble."
	"Dire trouble?" asked a skeptical Lurking Girl.
	"Oh sure," said Hiatus warming.  "Really really dire.  Tragic. 
Cataclysmic.  Apocalyptic.  Ragnarotic.  Uh, I think."
	More impressed with his display of 'ic's than convinced, Ultimate
Ninja considered.
	"It wouldn't hurt to check it out," said Sig.Lad.  "I could pose as
Amne.Sig.a, Luri and I could go in, see if there's anything to be worried
about, no one would be the wiser."
	"You'd, uh, have to promise not to capture us or anything."
	"That sounds reasonable," said Ultimate Ninja sarcastically. 
"Perhaps we should all wear bells around our necks to avoid frightening
the cats?"  Hiatus wanted really, really badly to say 'Could you?' but
thought better of it.
	"If it is half as dramatic as he says it is, there might be 
to it, but it could just be a trap," pointed out Catalyst Lass.
	"Oh I don't think so," said Ultimate Ninja coolly, his hood two
inches from a sweating Hiatus.  "The consequences would
be....Ragnarotic...for our friend here."

		===============		===============

	It turned out that Hiatus, Professor Perhap, Revamp Lass, and
Color-Error Man were sharing a branch office of the BoNV, so capturing
the entire organization in one fell swoop was out of the question.
	After determining that Hiatus had sanitized the place of all
obvious connections to the main headquarters, they decided to look in on
Revamp Lass.
	"Amnesia," nodded Professor Perhap as Sig.Lad walked past
him.  The professor of potentiality was wearing a nightgown and carrying
his toothbrush.  Hiatus had warned Sig.Lad and Lurking Girl that Revamp
Lass was listless and tired all day, and only seemed active at nightfall. 
Too, her ruddy complexion had paled considerably.  Hiatus hinted that
the occult might be at the root of it all.
	Revamp Lass' room was empty, though two sections of
panelling had opened inward revealing a set of french doors and curtains
that billowed in the night breeze.  Sig.Lad and Lurking Girl strode over to
the exit and looked out.
	Below, Revamp Lass flitted through a hedgerow in the opulent
garden trailing a diaphanous gown.
	"It appears crime does pay," whispered Lurking Girl.
	"Let's see where she's going."
	Lurking Girl and Sig.Lad stalked through the lush garden, always
just catching glimpses of Revamp Lass' flowing train.
	"This will be a bad day if she's going to someone with plant
powers," observed Sig.Lad.  The duo came into a clearing, upon a horrible
sight.  Fully twelve fanged, cloaked figures were circling the radiant form
of Revamp Lass as she lay on a stone altar.  Her expression was one of
sinful expectation.
	"Maybe she just wants her privacy..." began Lurking Girl
	"Look!" hissed Sig.Lad.  Out of the shadows came a woman in a
trenchcoat.  She seethed with eldritch power (and a certain smoldering
sensuality we feel compelled to observe).  She slowly walked up to the
prostrate Net.Villain.  Then cast her trench coat aside.
	The woman's costume consisted of three red, leathery strips
configured to drive men mad.
	"Ach!  Mein Gott!  It iss verse than I feart!"  Lurking Girl looked
to Sig.Lad, now Van Hel.Sig, with a start.  "Hiatus vas correct!  Zis iss
cataclissmical!  Lurkink Girl -- you must safe her.    I am powerless
against der she-devil, but ze girl'ss immortal zoul iss in dancher!"
	Van Hel.Sig's exclamation immediately drew the attention of the
twelve attendants.  Many transformed into obscuring mist, rendering the
clearing anything but clear.  The rest attacked.
	Sig.Roach waded into the fray.  "against an ARMY OF
UNDEAD, he battles THROUGH to HER!"  (punchakickagougagrinda) 
"the LEGIONS OF THE DAMNED are but a >gnat< against the POWER
of LOVE ETERNAL!"  (bitaclawathatasmartzabusta)  "through all the
DEMONS HELL SPAWNS, he shall battle and crusade, HER ARMS HIS
ONLY SANCTUARY, >her clavicles his only veranda<"
(twistaflipathrowasplatta)"  Sig.Roach grabbed the feminine form at the
center of the clearing.
	"Hello ssailor," came a husky voice.  Sig.Roach's eyes bugged
out.  He had grabbed the she-devil by mistake.  Sig.Lad found himself
unable to take his eyes off the hellspawned costume.  "Would you do a
girl a favor and KILL YOUR PARTNER?"
	In the meantime, Lurking Girl had managed to weave through
Sig.Roach's insane battle and recover Revamp Lass.  She was limp and
lifeless, and two bloody trickles down her neck indicated they had been
just too late.  She whirled to see a glowering Sig.Roach, now in Sen.Sig-
	"Her Lurking NO MATCH for the wondrous >RoachXtrasen.sig.ry 
	Luri hissed.  If she lurked out entirely, Revamp Lass and Sig.Lad
would be at the mercy of the undead orgy.  She had to break the spell on
	In an athletic move (which was really the only hope for survival
against the SIG.ROACH -ack, now its infected the narration), Luri spun
under the heroes grasp, grabbed the trenchcoat and tackled the mistress of
the night.
	"Eat Lurk, hussy!"  Luri growled as she slammed the villainess
with her formidable Lump of Lurk (tm).  "Sig.Lad, snap out of it!  Change
	Sig.Lad morphed back into Van Hel.Sig.  "Ach, mein only hope
iss to keep changink.  Iff I keep alterink, ze affex are mitigated."  Not to
mention the twelve dark shapes stalking up on him for a bit of revenge in
his no-longer-mighty form.
	"That's fine but stay away from vulnerable forms like..."
	"Woo-woo-woo!  Wotta babalicious babe of in need of a
babotomy!  Bite _my_ neck baby!"
	The female with the big teeth and small modesty jumped up,
incredibly unharmed by the Lump of Lurk (tm).  "Kill her now!"
	"Dead, dead, deader, deadest!"  Sig.Lad pulled an impossibly
large chainsaw from nowhere as he bounded towards Lurking Girl.
	"This is not really going well," grumbled Lurking Girl.  "Are the
Brotherhood deaf?  This is going on in their yard."  Before Luri had to
deal with her impossible odds, innumerable sheets of paper filled the air,
cast from above.  Wherever the paper touched one of the twelve undead
or their female boss, flames erupted.  The shrieking was horrendous.
	"Very well, heroes.  You win this round.  But the villainess is
mine!  Protect her at your own peril!"  So saying, the queen and her
twelve subjects turned to mist and floated away.
	Except for one, Victorian dressed man.  He fell from the sky, his
hands black and smoldering.
}	Though HER prey deni'd HER, the cost wast terrible.  Will mine
allies find me foe or friend?  Not knowest I...Revampire.  }

		===============		===============

[Reprinted from 'Tales of the LNH #264:  Night of the Revampires']

	Dr. Stomper monitored Revamp Lass' vital signs.  Van Hel.Sig
had confirmed that her condition was dire.  She had been bitten twice, and
was clinging to life.  In the Med-Bay Hiatus, Ultimate Ninja, Lurking Girl,
Lost Cause Boy, and Catalyst Lass conferenced.  Van Hel.Sig and
I...Revampire led the conversation.
}	...and SHE reduc'd me, a former Knight of Continuity, revamp'd
inst the monster before thine eyes -- I becamest that most hellbound of
creatures, a Revampire.  From that moment I vow'd to purgest HER dread
order e'er I myself seek final peace.  Long wast the Byrne silent...   }
	Lost Cause Boy interrupted.  "The Byrne?"
	"Ze unholy fire that compellss the revampire to revamp otherss --
ether by turnink them into revampires themselfes, or merely revampink
their lifes, nefer again to be ze same.  Zis iss vhat iss hapenink to Revamp
Lass.  Zey haff visited on her tvice.  Iff she ist bit again tonight, she 
vill be forever Revamped."
	Hiatus gasped at Van Hel.sig's words.
	"Who were the twelve uglies in the clearing?" asked Lurking Girl.
}	The maiden speakest of the Chaykin Chamber, the innermost
circle of the unholy Brotherhood of Byrne.  Yon foul creatures are the
Nose-feratu.  They possessest all the powers of Revampires -- their only
weakness layest in their overwrought vanity 'round their silken capes. 
Yon twelve form the honor guard and advisory council to the Black
Queen HERself...Revampirella.    }
	"Ach!  Churely ze most efil creature from Hell's doorss.  She ist
der fuhrer, ah, dictator off der Brotherhood und ultimately resposible fer
all der heinous acts."
	Ultimate Ninja cut in.  "So these things are immortal, immune to
most weapons, and can Revamp us by drinking our blood.  How do we
stop them?"
	"Zere are a few tinks the revampiress cannot stant.  No
Revampire can surfife in ze harsh light uff day.  Scripts blessed by ze
Thomastic Order of monks vill burn dem..."
	"So that's what drove them off!" concluded Lurking Girl.
}	Indeedst.  It took nearly a full collection of JSA pages, but thy
peril seem'd to warrant the sacrifice.  Mine hoard wast sorely deplet'd in
the rescue, and they will not be avail in future campaigns.  And as evinc'd
by thine eyes, the cost wast not small.   }   I...Revampire held up his
horribly burned hands.
	"Ze only vay to kill ein Revampire ist by peircing its foul heart
mit der Editorial Staff."
	"Dvandom Stranger's staff?" asked Lost Cause Boy.
	"Unfortunately he doesn't have a beeper," noted Ultimate Ninja.
	"Ze only other think ist back issues.  Zese vill turn zem.  Zat iss
vhy I askt Lost Causse Boy here."
	LCB put a hand on his satchel and nodded seriously.
	"Well, we can't kill them in battle.  What if we captured them and
held them until morning?" pondered Catalyst Lass.
	"Nein.  Ze Nose-feratu might perish, but Revampirella herself ist
too strong.  She would nein perish und holding her forefer ist unlikely.  At
least here."
}	Too, the she-devil possessest the Costume of Madness.  No man
mayst look upon her but immediately enslavest to her black will.  }
	"So we take it off her."  All eyes turned to Lost Cause Boy. 
"What?  It was a legitimate idea!"
	Ultimate Ninja continued.  "So the best we can do is Lost Cause
Boy's back issues to turn them, and an all-female strike force?  That's not
much to work with."
	Lurking Girl interrupted softly.  "I've got an idea...."

		===============		===============

	"I still don't know.  It's too much like we're using her for bait,"
said Hiatus.  He, Sig.Lad, Ultimate Ninja, and Lost Cause Boy were
blindfolded about Revamp Lass' comatose body.  Catalyst Lass, Lurking
Girl, I...Revampire and Panta were standing by, wary.  They were in
Net.ropolis Cemetary, and the sun had just set.
	"This place gives me the chills," remarked Lost Cause Boy.
	"Brrr.  You can't even see it Doug," said Panta.
}	She approachest.  The Byrne in me swells.  }
	"Geez, I get in trouble for talk like that," grumbled LCB.
	"We all know what to do," said Zen.Sword.sig, his costume
faintly Oriental.  He weilded two continuinchaku, which I...Revampire
confirmed would cause pain.  UN had no trouble fighting blindfolded. 
He, Zen.Sword.sig, I...Revampire and Panta would be the muscle who
would hold off the Chaykin Chamber while the rest concentrated on
trapping Revampirella.
	A mist flowed in around their feet.
	Bats screeched across the sky.
	The wind whipped up.
	Abruptly, Revamp Lass stood up.
	"Uh oh.  Here it comes.  Cat, help me restrain her," Luri said.
	"Reva," (Hiatus had told them her name) said Cat, "wouldn't you
like to sit down?"  Cat concentrated fiercely and slowly, defiantly,
Revamp Lass sat back down.  "Wow, that was tough.  I don't know if I'll
be able to contain her once they get...."
	Panta, I...Revampire, and Zen.Sword.sig toppled forward as
Nose-feratu struck from behind.  Ultimate Ninja spun beneath the attack,
flinging Ninja Bush.  The Nose-feratu temporarily fell back giving the
fallen threesome time to recover and the battle was joined.  Suffice to say
two blinded ninja's, a feral leopard girl and a Revampire with a heart of
gold (and fists of ash) were enough to battle twelve Nose-feratu to a
standstill.  The battle raged in the background panels of every subsequent
scene -- punctuated by the occaisional, "No Panta, their _capes_.  Go for
the _capes_."

	Revampirella was among them.  A backhand swipe knocked
Hiatus and Catalyst Lass abruptly aside, stunned.  Lurking Girl squared
off against the Queen of the Revampires.
	"Looks like round two, sleezeball."  Lurking Girl circled the
scantily clad succubus until positioned where she wanted.
	Revampirella smiled a fanged grin.  "Very clever.  Blindfolding
the men so my Costume of Madness will not affect them.  But I am the
Queen of the Revampires.  Your lurk means no more to me than my
slave's former powers.  Perhaps I shall revamp you, too, deary."
	"Not tonight.  Causie, 4 o.clock!"
	"Gotcha Luri."  LCB reached into his satchel and flung a stack of
70's Animal Man appearances.  Revampirella hissed and backed a step or
	"Spread pattern Causie, 4-6 o'clock!"
	Lost Cause Boy's hands were a blur as Doom Patrols, Wrightson
Swamp Things, all the Tweedledum and Tweedle Dee Batman issues and
many many more sailed about Revampirella.
	"KHKHKHKHKHKH!"  It was a horrible screech as
Revampirella fell back under the vicious onslaught.  She didn't notice as
she framed herself in a doorway.  Catalyst Lass had regained her senses
and plunged into the rain of books.
	"Escape is backward," Cat said concentrating fiercely.  Distracted
by the comics, Revamprella reacted to Cat's control and fled back --
straight into the mouth of an open mausoleaum.  She screamed as she
tumbled down the stairs, immediately calling her Nose-feratu into the
structure behind her.  The legionnaires barracaded the door with LCB's
	"Is that it?" crowed Cat.  "Have we won?"
	"It's only temporary," warned LCB.  "These issues will melt in
the first rain."
	"Und zere iss vun more thinkkkkkkk..." began Van Hel.Sig. 
Before he fell senseless after being clocked with a gravestone.  Ultimate
Ninja and Panta lay senseless behind him.  Revamp Lass stood glaring,
her silken gown blowing in the wind.
	"Easy Reva, we don't want to hurt you," said Luri.  For her
trouble she got a headstone lobbed at her.  Ordinarily she hight have
dodged it easily, but Hiatus chose that moment to arise, knocking Luri
into the path.  And outcold.  LCB was straining to maintain his barracade
and was helpless.
	Catalyst Lass, Hiatus and a weary I...Revampire confronted
Revamp Lass, who hissed in return.
	"The mistress callss!  You will die!"
}	Verily, she ist in the final stage of Revamp.  If we are to save yon
maiden it must be here, now.   }
	Cat focused on the Net.Villainess.  "Forget that old thing.  You
belong in the Looniverse, Reva."
	"Guys, they're pounding pretty fierce!" warned Lost Cause Boy.
	Reva could not be swayed, and grabbed Sig.Lad by the throat. 
"If you do not let me pass, I kill the fool."
	Cat exhaled in frustration.  "It's not having an effect!"
}	Inddedst.  Then I know what needst be done.  }  I...Revampire
transformed to mist, then reconstituted behind Revamp Lass.  In a flash,
he sunk his fangs into her naked neck.  }  Now, maid.  Use thine powers
of persuasion.  She feelst drawn by myself and HER -- whilst control ist
dilut'd your suggestions might return her to herself.   }
	Cat catalyzed as she rarely had before.  "Reva, you are not a
Revampire.  Life is your choice, isn't it?  That's the peachiest choice 
there is!"
	Revamp Lass dropped Sig.Lad and screamed a scream of inner
	"Guys!!!" called Lost Cause Boy.  The heavy vault door tumbled
backward, spilling original Kid Eternity's about.  Revampirella seethed in
the doorway.  "Now let this charade end.  Prepare, all of you, for new
lives serving me!  Revamp shall be yours!  Slave, come to me."
	Revamp Lass took a stutter step forward, but Cat poured it on. 
"No she is ours!  You get BACK IN THE VAULT!"  The last was echoed
loudly by Revamp Lass whose will abruptly returned.  Shocked to have
her hold broken, Revampirella stuttered back, and LCB jumped up
brandishing a Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider.
	"What now guys?  We have a standoff."
]	Verily, I knowest what is required to end the menace.  A
guardian at the gate.   }  So saying I...Revampire flew into the vault,
trailing some of LCB's less valuable originals.  }  Seal it behindst me
allies!  Forever shall be end't the threat of the Brotherhood of Byrne.  And
thankest for mine vengeance realized.  }
	Luri groggily got to her feet.  With the others' help she slammed
the mausoleum door closed.  "Now Hiatus, the reason you're here." 
Hiatus fired fading beams from his hands, bathing the mausoleum with
his powers.
	"They won't be a threat for a long time."  Catalyst Lass
supported Revamp Lass, firmly escorting her to...
	Ultimate Ninja, who had recovered, slapped a hand on Hiatus'
shoulder.  "Neither will you and your partner."  Perry Ma.Sig stood at his
side with a long list of crimes in his hand.
	"Hey, as first part of their debt to society, howza bout some help
picking up these books?"  Lost Cause Boy was crawling all around the
site, stuffing old comics back into his satchel.
	The Legionnaires all laughed.

		=============		===============

	I...Revampire licked his lips and sat back as he finished his tale.
	"You guys had some crowded fights in the old days," noted
	Deductive Logic Man stroked his chin.  "It all makes sense now. 
They stored the Brotherhood in the Fike Archives..."
	*But Eagle recently emptied the Archives.* Blue noted and
Person echoed.
	"He must not have known about the Revampires, and they were
inadvertantly freed when the Archives switched to the Alberry Crypt."
}	We recuse'd into a hibernative state -- Revampirella blaming
Catalyst Lass as the one ultimately responsiblest for her imprisonment.  }
	<( This does not explain the dual Cat's who are still kidnaped.)>
noted Hooded Ho`'od Win with alarm.
	"I think...it does," Ferris said.  "With Revamp Lass bitten a third
time, it made her susceptible to revamp."  [Insert standard Irony Man
blurb here.]  "Cat used all her powers to catalyze Revamp Lass's interest
in Looniversal life -- perhaps with the eldritch revamp energies so strong
Revamp Lass was catalyzed _to share ALL Cat's interests!_"
	Person found his voice first.  "You mean Catalyst Lass
inadvertantly created a copy of herself?"
	"I mean Revampirella now has both Cat and Reva, /and doesn't
know who is who./"

Next Week: A Catalytic Conversions Conclusion (Thank you aLLiterative Lass!)

Arthur "Same Classic Channel.  But Same Time?  Probably not." Spitzer

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