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> ## A Moment, Before We Get To The Last Story Of My Only Daughter...


> Most... _things_ originate from nothing more that an idea. Usually a stupid
> idea, or at least one that isn't given clear thought. That idea is given form by
> way of messy biology or mechanical contrivance. It gets assembled from small
> bits of mass, layering more and more atop itself. It aims for a pre-determined
> mould, and when it reaches minimum viability, its released _out_, shrieking and
> screaming and helpless. If it has luck on its side, it falls into the trappings
> of some sentimental societial constructs that are ready to help cultivate it..

I sense a touch of cynicism.

> Not so with my Genovefa. _My_ Genovefa... from here, I can reach Back and gently
> caress her cheek, helping settle her in her orbital cradle. She was already
> _billions_ of years old before her 'birth'.

Oh my. :o

> It made her gravity crushing. Cruel. Demanding of respect.

um. Whoever this is I already doubt their fitness for parentage. :I

> Oh, she had life on her, sure. She was practically crawling with the stuff.
> Compact oceans full of flat crawling desperation. Vast green expanses of
> stubborn mosses. Countless types microbial slimes pooling in yonic crevaces.

Ohhhhh *my*.

> It wasn't
> possible. Not until they acquired the _Grand Feather_, one of the _Cosmic
> Crowns_. One of my vestigial twins. Of seven total. With just _one_ of these
> incredible artifacts, it _was_ possible. With the Grand Feather jabbed into a
> basalt field, with its _histories_ and its _stories_ called to bear, with its
> raw _cosmic power_ to keep the transformation stable...

ahhhhhhhh. I see. :o Jesus.

> I hope...  I hope she didn't think poorly of me. If she thought of me at all,
> that is. When she realized how unique she was, how _lonely_ that promised to be,
> I wish I was able to comfort her, to whisper lullabies, to let her know
> _someone_ loved her. Even now, I want little more than to just push the Present
> aside, to hold her, to tell her that it's going to be okay.

Ohhhhhh. :<

> But I don't. I stay in the Now. It wouldn't make a difference, anyway. Her
> story's... it's too _big_ to ever have had a happy ending.

awwwwwwwwwwwww :< *high-level cosmic huggery*

> _She_ was the one that defeated the Gravity Wraiths, crushing them under her own
> magnitude. { Cosmic Tales Of The Incredible #4 }
> _She_ was the one that finally caged the Secret Living Language after it
> consumed its own galaxy, drowning that tiny idea in the ocean of her thoughts. {
> Space Terrors #12 }
> And it was _she_ who halted the Super Warlock tide at the end, unaffected by
> their space-greed diesease because she wanted for nothing. { Crisis Of The Super
> Warlocks #1-6 }

ooooooooh. That's really amazing. :D In stories like this, where something is 
presented as just an overpowering *threat* that's only now affecting Our Heroes 
- one often forgets that their effects on the rest of the universe are more 
complex than that; that these beings are *part* of the great dance of spacetime, 
that great power does not exist for so long in stasis.

> So try to imagine what she thought, what she _felt_, when one of those mice,
> those insects, those tiny crawling creeping _parasites_, when one of them _broke
> a planet in half_. To have your sense of self shattered. To be immortal one
> moment, and the next, not. To learn you, _you_, could _die_.

Something something 9/11?

> Did she feel helpless, do you think? Had she ever felt helpless before then?
> Had circumstances ever been so far out of her influence? Had she ever felt so
> temporary? Could _you_ blame her for being _scared_?
> Well, _I_ could.

Definitely something something 9/11.

> Of course I could. Oh, don't look at me that way. A parent
> can't always turn a blind eye to the poor behaviour of a child. And, I'm sorry
> to admit, she was the _epitome_ of a spoiled child. For all the regality she
> draped herself in, her actions throughout the Cosmic Tournament was _deplorable_.

I mean, you're not wrong.

> But even then, in her last hour of need, even
> when she was all but _begging_ for help, she _still_ treated her allies as
> inferiors. I mean, yes, okay, technically they _were_ lesser beings compared to
> her, but, come on, that's no way to ask anyone to save your life.

Indeed. XD;

> At least she went down swinging. Isn't that what ultimately drives all that
> squirming and breeding and eating and pissing and everything that life _is_?
> That instinctual refusal to lie down and give up. To scrap and claw and fight
> for each extra moment of existence. To spit in the eye of your own death, to go
> for the jugular when he's blinded.


> I've watched that last fight play out countless times. Between individuals.
> Between tribal groups. Between entire civilizations. From the darwinistic
> struggles of microbes to the star-spanning wars of ageless species. From the
> very start of Then, to every far-flung moment of Now, to my final, fiery End.
> But... even no one's ever seen anything like _this_.

:D :D :D

Drew "I love this series" Perron

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