SW10/WWW/PRECOG: Update (Re: Powernaut Coming Attractions)

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat Oct 1 19:00:05 PDT 2016

In the short term, I can now announce... The world needs Power Stars 
1945, now more than ever.  Especially with that 2006 reality shift that 
just went down.

In the long term, Powernaut Comics still faces the options from that old 
Coming Attractions post.  I now lean toward Power School 2013, Battle 
Chess.  On that note...

The Power School 2013 series will be a classic confrontation between 
junior Powernauts and the Legion of Net.Heroes... on a sports field!  I 
have yet to identify the Power School team, but I'm working on it. 
You'll probably see all the physical characters from Power School 2012.

So... Can the Legion of Net.Heroes volunteer ten characters (eight 
players, two captains) to take on the Power School?  Failing that, may I 
just take junior versions of any "Fair for Use" character?  Just as soon 
as the Wiki comes up again...  8{O>

I recall having this conversation before, but I can't find the specifics 
online.  Still, I'm pretty sure a female Kid Enthusiastic will show up 
as the Legion of Net.ropolis High School team captain.  8{D>

Go Legion!  Go Dynamos!

On 2016-07-29 18:35, Scott Eiler wrote:
> 1.  Power School 2013:  Homecoming!  Uh oh, there's a monster on the
> march from 2012.  Who or what might be cheering it on?  (Clues in the
> most recent RACCies!)  But first, Power School and Legion of Net.High
> School have to decide what kind of game their teams play at their
> Homecoming ceremony!
> -  It'll have to be a game which allows both strategy and melee skill.
> Melee would resemble flag football.  For strategy I'm currently leaning
> toward some sort of battle-chess, though battle-Othello is also a
> possibility if each school can bring 32 participants instead of just 8
> and some pawns.  But I'm eager to hear other options.
> -  I have some omniverse-level plans to document how the new Powerverse
> (Earth-SW12) is affected by Fractal Time.  I might do well to at least
> advance the story by this year, because 2016 is probably when other
> things hit the fan across my universes.  But anyway...
> 2.  Powernaut 1987:  Powernaut Year One!  The franchise got rebooted in
> 1985, and it's time for Our New Hero!
> -  This story arc will eventually extend through the 1990s; it will
> finish the history of Powernauts prior to 2005.  So eventually I *have*
> to tell this story.  But this *next* one is optional...
> 3.  Power-STAR Comics 1984 Part 2:  Hyper-Power Crisis Wars!  The
> Powernaut 1985 series started with invading heroes, but never told how
> they came to Earth.  This prequel series would fill in that blank.
> -  This is (as you may have noticed) a blank I was perfectly willing to
> leave blank.  The reason I'm considering it right now, is that it's
> funnier than the other options.  I've made funny stories about Nazis,
> kidnapping, marooning, mind control, and the end of the world... well, I
> laughed anyway.  So I'm confident I can *make* those other new stories
> funny.  But the Hyper-Power Crisis Wars prequel practically writes its
> own laugh track.
> -  I've already mentioned that in-universe 1984 this series was ready
> for publication, and in-universe 1986 these characters became popular.
> So it's reasonable to assume this series was 1984 in continuity but 1986
> in publication.  Therefore if I do fill this blank in any time soon, it
> should probably happen before Powernaut 1987.
> I currently lean toward Powernaut 1987.  Still... Opinions, anyone?

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