SW10/WWW: Power Stars 1945 #3: They're in 2000-SOMETHING?

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 00:06:32 PST 2016

On 11/9/2016 9:03 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:
> Future-Nazi sleeper units beyond the Year 2000!  The villains gloat, as the rest
> of the world faces an uncertain future!  Politics, or... just the new Power
> Stars 1945 comic??  Probably the latter, 'cause I see the Powernaut and Private
> Danger in there!
> http://www.eilertech.com/stories/powernaut/1945.htm#3

Does "the time portal has bounced" mean that his Satanic spell of looking 
bounced off of it, so he can't know quite where it went?

(Also, I see, there's a reason I don't recognize the other two...)

> http://www.eilertech.com/stories/wiki/Auge_von_Shaitan.htm

Hmmmm. He's not exactly like the Satanists I've known. X3 They tend to be more 
about 'free will' and less about 'world conquest'.

Drew "complexity!" Perron

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