LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #34: Catalytic Conversions Part Three

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On 10/4/2016 9:37 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> The concluding issue of Joltin' Jeff McCoskey's one man crossover,
> (skipping past issues #7 and 8, which we'll go back to eventually)

I assume this was where Jameel's part was supposed to go.

> {Silver block letters across bottom read "TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY ISSUE"

Ooooh, ahhhh

> As they danced excitedly, Cat gave a
> handful of candy to each Trick or Treater.  The LNHHQ was having
> another record Halloween night of visitors this year.

I just love the idea of the LNHQ being somewhere where kids trick-or-treat. I 
love the idea, really, of it being a positive part of the community. Gah. <3

> 	Mouse looked miserable dressed as a five and a half foot tall,
> well, mouse. Something about Mouse's parenting of the now young Panta
> had reawoken a maternal instinct in Writer's Block Woman; she had
> decided to be a better mother to her daughter. And what could be more
> motherly than sewing a costume for your child? Writers Block Woman had
> made it herself and insisted Mouse wear the thing when she chaperoned
> Panta's trick-or-treating.

Amazing. XD <3

> 	"Well you haven't got any from here yet."  Cat dropped a
> handful of candy into Panta's bag.
> 	Suddenly Panta was all joy and love, and jumped into Cat's arms
> flinging bag and candy.  "Ya-ya-ya-ya!  Thank you Aunt Caty!"

D'awwwwww. <3

> 	"I'll just go change..." started Mouse, before Panta bounded
> and snuggled into her lap and cocked her kitten ears to Cat.  "...my
> mind and stay."

Yep yep, I likes the cute stuff. ^.^

> 	It happened in swift silence.  Particle Man was outnumbered and
> one-handed.  They gave him no pause, no time to regain his composure.
> Slash after smash they hammered him until Particle Man went down with
> a snarl on his lips.  They hoisted his unconscious body and threw him
> out through the hole he made getting in.  By now they were miles
> above Sig.ago.
> 		===============		===============
> 	Panta pressed both her hands across her open mouth.  "Oh no!
> Could Blue Canary catch him?"
> 	"It's ok Panta," said Fan.Boy gently.  "Don't you remember
> Particle Man patting you on the head before you went Trick or
> Treating?"
> 	"Oh," said Panta, disappointed.  "Oh yeah."

Heeheehee. ^.......^

> 	"All-all right.  And I'm sorry if I seem hard nosed, but this
> is Catalyst Lass.  We can't afford mistakes."	

For not liking the Cat/PM relationship, Jeff was really willing to play up PM's 
side of it. <3

> 	"We understand.  That's why we're leaving Dog-Boy behind under
> Organic Lass' care.  He's been controlled once and may be used
> against us later.  Mack and I have as well, but only momentarily.
> Besides his author never authorized another appearance."
> 	"Hey I'm just glad to get a line in this ish," said Dog-Boy.

Heeheehee ^.^

>  You!  What is your name?"
> 	"V-viktor Van Damme," gulped a local youth.
> 	"Do you wish to be made some power-mad armored dictator?"
> 	"It beats cleaning stables..." the man wondered.
> 	"And you!  your name?"
> 	"Scorpio Rosetta-Stone," said a gypsy girl.
> 	"Do you wish to be made some mystical demon's lover?"
> 	"Paulo hasn't touched me in years..." she said pensively.
> 	Ferris and I-O Boy tuned into the crowd's growing rumblings.
> "Uh-oh," said Ferris.


> 	"Drive the Foreigners from our midst!"
> 	"No, offer them as sacrifices to our Undead Masters!"
> 	"Death!  Death to the spectacular Painted Lady!"
> 	"Paint the castle red with their blood!"
> 	Ordinary Lady gave a sheepish smile.  "Ooops."

That's great. X3

> 	"The way of the Stranger is ever removed from Looniversal
> affairs.  Mine is not to tweak and prod, mine is simply to record,
> note, and edit."
> 	"Then you won't help?"
> 	"That is not what I said."
> 	"Frankly, I'm not sure _what_ you said."


> 	Panta was enthralled in the tale.  Her tail flicked nervously
> back and forth.  "I don't like that scary Dvandom Stranger."
> 	"It's ok Panta, he's a good guy," said Thesaurus Lass
> playfully.
> 	"Good guys don't make you put Nair on your face."
> 	Fan.Boy, Thesaurus Lass, Mouse and Cat all looked to each
> other.
> 	"Kids say the darnedest things," was all Mouse came up with.

Another nice callback. XD

> 	"Mack, don't look at her costume," yelled Ferris.  They both
> covered their eyes.  And didn't see the villagers sneak up and brain
> them with the shafts of their pitchforks.

How comics code-friendly!

> 	"You!  Thinker!" hissed Revampirella.  "you have a problem with
> this ceremony?"
> 	"I can't watch.  Cat means so much to all of us.  Would you
> mind if you just killed me now and got it over with?"
> 	"So Cat means a great deal to you, eh?"
> 	"The world.  The only thing worse than having her turn into a
> Revampire would be her killing me herself.  Or it'd be really twisted
> if she _forced_ someone to kill me.  Her beneficent powers turned to
> evil like that.  Here, have your stooge run me through with his
> scythe, won't you?"

Unsubtle, Ferris, but effective. X3

> 	Ferris blurted out before his will fled.  "I want the real
> Catalyst Lass to tell the fake Catalyst Lass to kill me!"
> 	The identical Cat's stared at each other.  They reached out
> their hands in a wrestling 'strength-testing' manner.  Abruptly they
> were all gnashing teeth and stares.
> 	Each Cat catalyzed the other to have the true tell the fake to
> kill.  Their catalyzing fed back through each other, stronger and
> stronger.

Yessssss. <3

> 	Catalyst Lasses continued to catalyze each other more and more
> intently.  Thin streams of blood trickled from their matching noses,
> then they collapsed on the ground.  The feedback of each thinking to
> be the Real Cat, catalyzing the other, had broken the revampire's
> hold on their will.

Super comic-booky. :D

> 	*LNHers!  Cover your eyes!*  Blue's warning, sounded in their
> minds.  They barely did so when Particle Man burst into impossibly
> bright light.
> 	"Revampires cannot stand the light of The Sun!"  Person's voice
> was almost musical.

Ahhhhhhh, perfect. :D

> 	I...Revampire lifted off the thingie and aimed it towards outer
> space.  It flashed up and gone and started its long flight to Mercury
> -- where the perpetual sunlight would be Revampirella's prison.
> Guarded by a Knight of Continuity in a Kirby-modified, fortified,
> light-absorbing coffin.

Also super comic-booky. :D

> 	"Oh, its true and stuff," said the bleached-blonde Catalyst
> Lass.  She wore a red copy of Cat's light blue uniform, complete with
> yellow jigsaw puzzle piece logo.  Inside a scrawled 'HC' replaced Cat's
> neat 'CL'.  "Except for the revampire bit.  The hair's just to tell us
> apart.  And it looks marvy, don't you think, Cat?"

Heeheehee, marvy. :>

> Despite illusions to the contrary,
> comics are largely dead to me.  I still pick up a few titles on rare
> occaisions when they come reccommended by Dave or Marc Singer, or
> feature old heroes -- Golden Age, Marvels, Last Avengers Story, Death of
> Nick Fury, Radioactive Man, Astro City.  (Wolf and Byrd I can't explain)

I think we all go thru these cycles. :>

> 	But the things that turned me sour on commercial comics did not
> translate to the LNH at all.  Its freshness, innocence, sense of whimsy
> and complete lack of melon-heavy breasts struck a cord.  Even more, it
> was the presence of people for whom stories were _fun_, not business.


> The support and feedback was like nothing I'd experienced before.  For a
> brief shining moment I knew what it was to be Dvandom ;]

awwwwwwwww. <3 <3 <3

> I have no plans
> to end the series, kill off any characters, marry them, have them
> retire or fade away.

We need more marriages, IMHO~

> 	Everybody say hi to Hell Catalyst -- who is essentially the
> Catalyst Lass I've been writing all along without getting in the way of
> other Catalyst Lass plans.  She's a NWC, available for use, but not
> Public Domain.  Check with me is all I ask.

Hell yeah! <3

Drew "forward the future!" Perron

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