[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #61: Demolio, part 1

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On 10/12/2016 2:43 PM, wilalambre at gmail.com wrote:
> The Wizard feels the momentous draw of invader's gravity. That same magnitude
> that was even now boiling oceans and toppling mountains.  Like a thousand thin
> fingers under his skin, trying to haul him up into the air. Up toward the dark
> world. Up toward the immensity of _Genovefa_.

*siiiiiiigh~<3* Description. ~-~ I want to date this description.

> He bends his knees... and even that takes a terrible effort, to pull away from
> that monstrous grip. But he plants his feet, he forces his joints. _No_. You can
> bring down the heavens, you can tear away the stones, but you will _not_ have
> your way anymore. You _will_ learn defiance.


> The distance between the two worlds is unnaturally short... the atmosphere of
> the one barely thins before the atmosphere of the other starts.

I've had dreams like this.

> Hurricane winds
> weave chaotically across the gulf and foreign storms spit lightening at each
> other. And everywhere, the all encompassing roar of two skies at war with one
> another.

So cool. SO COOL.

> Below him, vast
> landscapes follows a natural order of six; long coastlines adhere to hard
> hexagon angles, mountain ranges split at regular intervals, broad ocean currents
> that strangely loop through and together in strange fractal patterns. Her entire
> geology repeats eccentric geometry, from the macro down to the microscopic.

Okay, I gotta stop just commenting on how good the description is. (but it's SO 

> This unexpected vacuity is fortuitous.

Okay, that's probably a bit much.

> And at the centre of the devastation, a pile of silver bones.

ahhhhh, man. Painful, powerful callbacks.

> He closes his eyes and holds the bone against his forehead. The atoms in the
> skull feel a sympathetic link, the call of similar power, the pull of a new
> master. With relief, the molecular bonds in the skull break apart, releasing
> what linger fusion they'd clung to. Golden power rolls free from the skeletal
> remains, from the black glass, from the crippled atmosphere. It ripples like a
> vast silk shroud, glowing of summertime sunlight before draping down over the
> Wizard's head and shoulders. The silver bones, absolved of their final
> responsibility, crumble into metal dust.

*siiiiiiigh* SO good.

> Tall and regal. Sharp and beautiful. A long thin coat. A high tight collar. A
> wide brimmed cavalier. And her arms wrapped tightly around her torso, though she
> couldn't possibly feel any cold.

The anxious chill of uncertainty.

> "SZchrivener? That isz you, iszn't it?" Queen
> Buzz calls out, a voice cracking with suppressed excitement. "You cannot hide
> from Usz. We feel you crawling on Our back."

You can feel your si-- no, no, one Undertale reference per post.

> The Wizard feels a hot anger well up, swelling up over his anxiety. Words escape
> before he's even aware of them, "No one's scared. Not anymore. They can sense
> the _sickness_ of you. We all can. Only you are blind to it."

ohhhhhhhh. <3 I love the Super-Wizard, despite him being kind of a terrible person.

> And after a long pregnant moment, she spits at him. And she says, "Like an
> _inszect_".
> The world shakes under him. The brittle black glass snaps and breaks in
> turbulent bedlam. The thin fingers of power gravity grab at him again, this time
> a thousand times stronger than before. It pulls him off his feet, crashing him
> to the ground.
> Bedrock and mantle cracks, and an abysmal chasm splits open under him. The
> monstrous gravity heaves, and he falls down, down, down, into heat and stone and
> darkness.
> The last thing he sees is the amber-orange sky wink out as the chasm rumbles
> close around him.

guuuuuuuuuh. GUH. I love this so freaking much. Augh.

This series is really well-written and TBH it should really be collected 
somewhere. Hell, there should be book versions I can give to friends while 
babbling on about the awesomeness.

Drew "IT'S SO RAD" Perron

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