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On 11/21/2016 1:18 AM, Adrian McClure wrote:
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>> |          *       THE    LEGION    OF    NET  .  HEROES


>> [LNH20] "Trick or Trial of Earth!"
>> by Adrian McClure
> Drew came up with this title, BTW. Titles are a struggle sometimes.

They are. @-@

> This story was written

It sure was!

>> [LNH] Just Imagine Saxon Brenton and the Writers of RACC in: RACCies the
>>       Final! Symphony of Genesis #0: "Absolutely the Last One, We Swear"
>> by Adrian McClure and, yep, Drew Perron
> Alternately: "Saxon Brenton and the Last Cascade"


>> *============================================================================*
>> *--------------------------Message From the Editor---------------------------*
>> *============================================================================*
> "PLEASE BUY THIS MAGA--oh wait, this is a free internet post, never mind"


> It's nice to see that people are still writing proper (100 word)
> drabbles. I'm sure K. Michael Wilcox would approve, whatever
> dimensional plane he's moved to now.

I know, right? <3 Drabbles are properly 100 words, no matter what anyone says. 
Constrained writing 4eva!

>>    "Hell Catalyst! The Blazing Friend! With the ability to tele-empathically
>> share her interests, and also might be a vampire!"
>>    "I do my best!" HC was dressed in a shimmery red-and-gold outfit with a
>> high collar and tights. There was a stylized symbol of a puzzle piece on
>> fire on her chest. Her hair was curly and deep red, and she wore fiery red
>> lipstick and blush on her pale cheeks.
> Yes, giving her her own personality. That's good. (Though they still
> pretend to be each other time to confuse their friends, I'm sure.)

Absolutely. :D And yeah, defining and differentiating her just a bit was 
important to me. I like characters who are different takes on the same concept - 
that's why I have like a dozen Kids Enthusiastic.

> It's a good time to bring this character back too, what with the Patsy
> Walker rennaisance going on right now.

That's a good point!

>>    "WikiBoy! The User-Defined Man! With the ability to be edited by any LNH
>> member into the perfect partner for each situation!"
> I have a different "Core LNH" type group I draw on for these stories
> (which mostly arent' finished now, but some might end up here...) Mine
> tends to be some combination Catalyst Lass (the original one), Token
> Girl, Deductive Logic Man, Merissa, Halls Jordan, Cliche Dude, one or
> another Occultism Kid, and WikiBoy.

*nods* There's been a lot of "core LNH"es. There was one that sprung out of the 
then-unfinished LNH v2 #50 that had Masterplan Lad *and* Kid Enthusiastic, and 
that several authors, like Scott and Lalo, seemed to be drawing on for a while.

> WikiBoy's the only one who's in
> both our core teams. Which makes sense. I guess he's hte LNH
> equivalent of Wolverine.

He absorbed the leftover X-books energy when Master Blaster left?

>>   Currently, he looked remarkably like Tobey Maguire, but shorter,
>> schlubbier, and with a beaver's tail.
> I take that back, he's the LNH equivalent of Wolverine AND Spider-Man.
> He's like 1/3 of the Bendis-era New Avengers.

XD Yessss.

> (Victoria/Forsaken Lass is the LNH equivalent of Spider-Woman, of course.)

Which, of course, makes Net.Access the LNH equivalent of Carol Danvers.

>>  She had short dark hair and
>> Middle Eastern features, and wore a rainbow hijab and a black bodysuit with
>> a stylized skull on the chest winking at the viewer.
> I love this costume. and I'm glad this character is still around and
> inspiring people.

She's so LNH-y I'm surprised we've never had anyone with this powerset.

>>    "Skunk Girl! The Striped Operative! With the abilities (proportional) of
>> a skunk!"

I am going to state to RACC et al. for the record that, yeah, I've gone pretty 
furry and you should expect more of that in my future work. WOO *does a 
front-flip off a skate ramp*

>> The current artist, having come into the industry doing
>> LNH20 work, had drawn him exactly the same as Doc Nostalgia.
> Of course. I love when people get ot this level of meta-reference. And
> going back and forth between treating LNH as text and comic (and
> sometimes cartoons as well).

Yeah! I was originally going to include a theme song for the series, a filk of 
"Fall in Love With the New Moon" from Sailor Moon Crystal, in this issue, before 
I decided that it already had enough friggin' stuff from me.

>>    "Miss Social-Cues! A recent recruit to the Legion, so she doesn't have a
>> cool moniker yet! With the ability to completely ignore social cues!"
> She's fantastic.

Awwww. <3

> I wrote this story during and shortly after Halloween, when I was
> reading a lot of Ray Bradbury, and it shows. (Bradbury was also a big
> influence on my first Medley story.)

Oooooh, yes. That makes sense.

> I also want to point out how much I enjoy writing old-fashioned Cosmic
> Marvel-style dialogue, and now am wondering what a conversation
> between The Trick-Or-Treater and 70s Anti-Christ Lad would be like.

Ooooooh. Yes please. :D

>> *-----------------------------by Subnet Mask-----------------------------*
> Welcome to the LNH, Subnet Mask! Hope you survive the--well, you know.


>> it does raise questions of having two girls in a light
>> erotica magazine.
> I wonder what she'd think of LNHY #15...

:3 Indeed!

> This is a fantastic start. Again, playing with the levels of
> metafiction is one of the LNH's greatest strengths and this story
> really takes advantage of that.


>> *--------------------------THE CHAINSAW EFFECT---------------------------*
>> *-----------------------------by Ben Rawluk------------------------------*
> Wow this story was a mindfuck and a half. (That's good BTW.)

I know, right? :D

> It reminded me of the kind of deep reality-bending strangeness we got in
> the Eighth Doctor novels, which are one of my favorite parts of Doctor
> Who.

Augh, yes. That same reaching out, trying to mix metafiction and horror; but I 
think this story had a better idea of both than even most of the good EDAs.

>> *-----------------RACCIES THE FINAL! SYMPHONY OF GENESIS-----------------*
>> *-------------Issue #0: "Absolutely the Last One, We Swear"--------------*
>> *-------------------by Adrian McClure and Drew Perron--------------------*
> Oh boy.

:D :D :D

> This opening was written back in... *looks at gdocs revision history*
> 2014, Cheezus H. Christ. I'm glad it's finally out there on the
> internet.

Yep. @-@;

> Drew and I started planning how to finish this story in early 2012.

Which lead to all of our other collaborations! But not, until now, this. XD

> Most of it has completely changed since then--only the basic ending
> (and how it relates to Ultimate Mercenary v20) has stayed the same.

In early drafts, it was planned as a Flame Wars Final tie-in. @-@; Another thing 
I need to get back to~

>>    Kid Recap-[SotN] cleared his throat.
> Okay so... This opening was written well before the end of Just
> Another Cascade. Back then this Kid Recap to be from the same,
> destroyed Earth as the alt-future Saviors of the Net, since there's no
> potential loose end of mine I won't pick up at some point. However,
> Drew then un-destroyed that world in the epilogue. This Kid Recap's
> backstory got changed, but this annotation was left in--apparently it
> was fixed in one version of the document but not this one. Curse you,
> Plot Error Man!!!

Dangit. XD Actually, it looks like I fixed one in both versions but not the 
other - he's referred to as "Kid Recap-UL" later.

>>    "In the first one, Manga Man, one of the LNH's earliest enemies now gone
>> straight,
> I suppose that depends on how one defines "straight."

Heeheehee. :D

> I recently reread the Gillen and Ewing Loki runs--some of the LNHiest
> Marvel aside from Squirrel Girl--and it occurs to me that Manga Man
> has become the LNH's Loki--including multiple versions of him running
> around, one of whom is a kid. In fact, just like Loki, he was a
> villain in the team's first story.

It's true! They're both former seemingly straightforward villains who, in fact, 
were never as straightforward as they looked - complex mythological background 
vs. being the villain WC of the person who made sure the Cosmic Plot Device 
Caper actually got collected. They were both recurring bad guys for a while 
before mostly fading away. (I remember Avengers #400, from 1996, which was a big 
anniversary issue where the punchline was how lame and forgettable of a villain 
Loki was.) Then they came back in storylines that engaged with their complexity 
and made them more usable as protagonists. (Though in Manga Man's case, that was 
only half-done, due to my own disappearances.)

>> We're just a bunch of random characters! Well, except for Kid Enthusiastic,
>> he's kind of core."
> He's sort of an universal consntant in the LNH (and other RACC worlds as well).

A symbol of sheer unadulterated fun!

>>    "I mean, he hasn't been around since the Cosmic Plot Device Caper or
>> anything
> Neither was Ultimate Ninja, technically!


>> The bathroom door opened, and out stepped a man who looked
>> remarkably like a fortysomething Ricardo Montalban.
> Inevitably played in the movie by Benedict Cumberbatch.

*shakes chainsaw* >:I

> He wore an expertly-tailored black
>> suit with red trim, and regarded the assemblage with cool amusement.
>>    "Not poo..." said Kid E, pointing even harder. "TYRANNUS AURON!"
> Yay! I was always hoping this character would show up again.

Heeheehee. :> Me too, but I never had room in my own stories - too cosmic, not 
enough room for an Earthbound criminal mastermind. But finally!

>> DREW: So there you go. Let us know what you think! <3
> This is a really great start. We have a nice balance of styles and tones here.

I agree. I was really jazzed when we got Ben and Dave on, and Subnet Mask is 
someone I've been wanting to introduce to y'all for a while. :D Mike Friedman 
indicated interest in writing some stories, and I'd love it if Arthur was up to 
submitting some - I pretty much made the Molybdenum category thinking of him.

>> Miss Social-Cues is Free For Use. I'm not sure about any of the other new
>> characters introduced here.
> The Trick-or-Treater, a random cosmic wildcard who I have no plans
> for, is free for use as well.


>> Drew "finally! IT LIVES!" Perron
> In the name of God! Now I know what it feels like to be God!

Now, to run away from all this and go get married!

Drew "that Avengers issue ended with Nate Gray showing up, it was SUPER '90s" Perron

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