SW10/WWW: Power Stars 1945 #4: I Feel I Should Know You...

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat Nov 19 00:13:55 PST 2016

On 2016-11-18 19:52, George Phillies wrote:

> Ah. yes, time travel, and bad guys doing bad things. Many people in that
> part of the world rebelled, repeatedly, sometimes with less success than
> other times.  Herr Auge seems to be remarkably good at dealing with
> heroes, while on the other hand the grenadier's grenades seem -- alas --
> to be somewhat ineffective.

Still more effective than the Powernaut, in this particular case.  One 
well-placed grenade distracted Herr Auge and his party, pretty 

> The other evil characters seem
> less prominent for their effectiveness than Auge is.

Heh, I have considered that.  Toward the end of the 1945 series, I have 
been planning an in-universe commentary to that effect.  Here's a preview...

As I've mentioned, Auge von Shaitan develops his plans across 
generations.  Here he is interacting with the *ancestors* of those who 
will have power someday.  For example, in this 1945 series you have seen 
a young Nazi named Randall Anvernacht.  In the previous 2006 series, you 
may have noticed a middle-aged mayor named Russell Anvernacht.  There is 
a connection.

There will be connections for the other two also.  One will lead into my 
old text stories, which will lead (in subtle manner which RACC will 
practically never notice) back to that spectacular Powernaut 2011 comic 
you can readily look up.  The other will feed the LNH/SW10 RACC-Con 
special, "Who Killed the Cat With Glasses?"  I think I've already left 
enough clues for people to follow that connection, but I'll leave one 
more before the series is through.

> Folks from 1945 ending up in 2006 are going to be very confused. That's
> before they encounter advanced technology.

... Not if someone changes the past first!  People got sent back in the 
last issue, to do exactly that!  It seems 2006 is more confused than 
1945 in this series, because reality shifts just suck.

And, you get a prize for discerning I meant 2006, not 2016 or something.

> I am currently engaged in a massive rewrite of The Girl Who Saved the
> World.  I got useful criticism form an Amazo review of Mistress of the
> Waves, namely I didn't fill in the other characters enough.

Powernaut 2006 (and 1945) basically counts as a rewrite of my original 
2006 text stories.  http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2006/me2006.htm

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