SW10/WWW: Power Stars 1945 #4: I Feel I Should Know You...

George Phillies phillies at 4liberty.net
Fri Nov 18 19:52:09 PST 2016

Ah. yes, time travel, and bad guys doing bad things. Many people in that 
part of the world rebelled, repeatedly, sometimes with less success than 
other times.  Herr Auge seems to be remarkably good at dealing with 
heroes, while on the other hand the grenadier's grenades seem -- alas -- 
to be somewhat ineffective. Of course, if the reverse were true the 
story would come to a very rapid end. The other evil characters seem 
less prominent for their effectiveness than Auge is.

Folks from 1945 ending up in 2006 are going to be very confused. That's 
before they encounter advanced technology. I was able to write a report 
using voice to text, in 2006.  in 1970 or a bit earlier, voice to text 
on Star Trek was someone talking at a typewriter, and to her 
astonishment it typed. Amusingly, if they had had the (mis)fortune to 
read exactly the right SF novel, they would have been unsurprised by 
voice to text or wind farms. However, the required novel was Twiford's 
Sown in the Darkness AD 2000, a military SF novel that rather resembles 
the plot of Invasion America the board game. Twiford, however, was by 
one report an Imperial Grand Dragon of the KKK, leading to some really 
strange plot elements. Have passed through this bit of highly exotic 
trivia, which you are encountering because at one time I was Librarian 
of the MITSFS collection and had read much of its contents, I woudl urge 
you to persist in what you are doing.

I am currently engaged in a massive rewrite of The Girl Who Saved the 
World.  I got useful criticism form an Amazo review of Mistress of the 
Waves, namely I didn't fill in the other characters enough.

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