8FOLD: Darkhorse # 4, "Yearning to Be Done"

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On 5/30/2016 12:20 PM, Tom Russell wrote:

>    Well, as far as the girl at the door, anyway. She's carrying a
> trumpet and dressed in a red-and-white courtier's outfit. "Who dares
> seek an audience with Tina Wazowie, the Polish Princess of Punk Rock,
> long may she reign?"

Heeheehee :D

>    "Darkhorse, third of her name," says Melody flatly. "And the Morgans."
>    "Ugh," says Cal, clicking her teeth. "Don't lump me in with him."
>    "Gee, thanks, sis," says Simon.

XD That's great.

>    "Sorry about that," says Wazowie with a low-key, breezy smile.
> "I've been upping the inaccessibility factor as of late. Kinda
> Diocletiany. It's nice to get my peepers on you, Melody."
>    "Melody?" says Cal.
>    "Thanks, Wazowie," says Melody.
>    "Wait, did I just derek you?"
>    "Yes, you just dereked me."

Pffffft XD Oh my god that's great.

>    "You mean Katie? Sure," says Wazowie.
>    "She doesn't like being called Katie."
>    "I know," says Wazowie. "I get away with it because I get away with
> things. It's kinda pretty much my superpower, getting away with
> things."
>    "That, and the whole ice thing," says Melody.
>    "And the whole ice thing, for sure," says Wazowie.

She gets *such* good dialogue.

>    "Huh," says Wazowie. "Melody, I'd figure with Kate having the gene
> that one of them would have it too... and you're looking at me funny.
> Yes, you are. It's that look you give me when you want me to stop
> talking, but you're trying to be subtle about it. Subtlety, man. It's
> the enemy of emotion."


>    "Well," says Wazowie, "that and the shrinking thing."
>    "Seriously?" says Melody.

XD XD XD Oh my god

>    "No," says Melody. "It doesn't mean that you can shrink, it means
> that if you get hit by a shrink-ray, you can survive the..."
>    ZAP!
>    Wazowie blows on the shrink-ray. "Now we just need to give her a code-name."

TINA NO. XD I mean that's hilarious from this perspective but CONSENT girl.

>    "I thought it was because you secretly have a crush on me and
> couldn't bear to be in the tempting, forbidden-type presence of my
> gorjuiciness."
>    "What? No," says Melody.
>    "I mean, everyone secretly has a crush on me. It's part of my aura."
>    "Oh," says Melody, "you have an aura alright.

I definitely have a crush. :D

> Microdot does have a spare headset, and Cal wastes no time expressing
> her disapprobation at this turn of events.


> Melody's more than a little
> irritable herself, but Wazowie is right: she can't really be mad at
> that face. It's like being mad at a puppy who craps on the rug; it
> doesn't know any better.


>    "I was supposed to help!" she grouses to Melody over her headset.
>    "You did help," says Melody. "If it wasn't for your tampon, we
> wouldn't be here tonight."
>    "Ugh," says Cal, clicking her comm off.


>    "No, no," says Simon. "I mean, you're around my age, and Cal's.
> Most people our age are like Cal. Kind of a, well, a mess. But you,
> you've got it together. You're serious, driven, responsible. That's
> att, um, uh, admirable. So. Go. Go you."
>    Even over the comm she can hear the red flush of his cheeks. (Oh my
> God, does Kate's little brother have the hots for me?) "I think you
> mean, go us," she says. "You've got it together too."
>    He stammers out a "thanks". (Oh my God, he does!)

Awwwwwwwwwwww. :> :> :>

>    "Oh, I'm like Queen Nerd," said Kate. "That's why I want to
> strengthen the alliance between our nerd houses by giving you Simon.
> Our vast and prosperous nerdoms will be joined together in personal
> union. Like Poland and Lithuania, but with nerds."


>    "At least until Christmas," said Melody. "Your brother's kinda
> cute, but it's the same reason I keep telling Terry no. Why bother
> starting something if it's not going to last?"
>    "Nothing lasts, though," said Kate. "Everything ends eventually."

An excellent point.

> For a moment, and only for a moment, Melody is distraught:
> she should have been the one to bring her back. She's the one that
> worked for it, obsessed over it, figured it out. But only for a
> moment, because really, she's just glad that Kate is back.

*hugs Melody a lot* *and then hugs Kate because they're sure she needs it*

>    Simon pushes his way through the little crowd, singeing his elbow
> against Fahrenheit Man. "Kate?"
>    "Simon," says Kate. Her voice is a dry, raspy croak. "Simon," she
> says again, and she starts to sob.

SEE? ;.;

>    Simon starts taking off his headset, but Kate is already bringing
> Cal next to her ear. Cal leans forward, gripping Kate's antitragus.
> Then she says something. Kate closes her eyes, smiles, and nods; the
> nodding throws Cal off balance again, and she ends up sitting on
> Kate's palm.
>    Kate swings her hand back in front of her face, and looks at Cal.
> "Thank you."


>    "I don't remember it," says Kate. "Other than. Other than I was
> scared." She starts to shake.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;;;;;.;;;;;

>    "It's December twenty-third," says Melody.
>    "It was August," says Kate, a little far-away.
>    "It was," says Melody. "Here comes the nurse, okay?"
>    "December," says Kate. "Melody, you only have two days left!"

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ;;;;;;;;;;.;;;;;;;;;;

>    "Tell you what," says Simon, his voice cracking. "I'll get you
> something if you give me something."
>    "What do you want?" says Melody.
>    "Well, you tell me first."
>    "I already got it," says Melody. "Your sister's back."
>    "Well, that's what I wanted too," says Simon. "So, Merry Christmas."

*falls over* ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

>    She kisses him back. "Grow up. This is serious. We have to go now."
>    "Why now? If he kills Darkhorse a week from now, she'll be just as dead."
>    "Because Gareth wants it," says Eira.


>    "Yeah, yeah," he says. He follows her out of the room. Gareth is
> standing by the window, brooding as usual.


> Sault Ste. Marie.
>    The three mancers appear in the middle of the book store. They're a
> few yards from Darkhorse, but those few yards are occupied by six
> Daylighters. More heroes are on the other side of her, and others
> behind the mancers. They're surrounded.


>    "Sorry, mate," says Gareth. "But I never liked you anyway, and I
> can't have you tell any tales." He pulls the same trick with Rhys that
> he did with the umbrella-girl. Only Rhys doesn't have any wards
> protecting what he calls a brain. A full-blown vertigo effect puts all
> the costumed tossers off-balance, and he makes his escape.


>    "Did Darkhorse ever come back?" says Fahrenheit Man.
>    "No," says Simon. "And I can't find Cal."

Ohhhhh shit. ;.;

Drew "biting nails" Perron

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