MISC: GODLING # 55 Live on Stage by J. Vandersteen

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GODLING # 55  Live on Stage by J. Vandersteen 


A TV studio with a big live studio audience. On a stage sits the beautiful TV reporter Bonnie Colter. She says, “People in the audience, people at home… It’s so nice to have you witness this special event. I was very pleasantly surprised when I got his call, expressing his willingness for this interview. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… Here’s The One Man Pantheon, The Olympain Prophet, the world’s first and greatest superhero, The Champion of New Troy…. GODLING!!!”
      There’s laud applause as Godling walks onstage, waving at the audience. He shakes Bonnie’s hand and takes a seat.

Meanwhile in his apartment Wade Hudson is watching the show. “Look at him… Showboating again. When will people like Janson end up on a show like that, injured during her duty? Sure, he’s been very helpful, but still… He has all those godlike powers…”
    “Are you still sore about that?” Monica asks, sitting next to him. “After all the times he saved us all?”
    “Forget about that grandstander,” Hudson says and switches off the TV. “I asked you to come here to talk about our relationship…”


“First of all, could you tell something about yourself, who are you, what do you stand for?” Bonnie asks Godling.
     “Well, I’m called Godling. The Greek gods endowed me with these powers to protect Earth and basically let you all know the Olympians are for real.”
     “That’s quite a lot for people to take in!”
     “I can imagine. I had a hard time getting used to the idea myself, but here I am, living proof the are real.”
     “For a brief time you seemed to operate out of L.A. instead of New Troy. During that time you traded your black hair for blond. What was that all about?”
     “For a brief time I had a… stand-in… This was the blond version of me. Different guy, same powers. Different attitude.”
    Bonnie thinks, That explains a lot. This is not the Godling I slept with for sure. She says, “You do seem a bit more… Humble… So why the need for a stand-in?”
    “Some personal issues.”


In a large bed is Mark Brant, the blond Godling, two girls lying next to him.  He says, “Yeah, the personal reason being that the Olympians figured I could do a better job then you, ha!”
      “Huh? What did you say?” one of the girls asked.
      “Never mind, just have some more champagne.”


“Sounds like you don’t want to share the details about that,” Bonnie says.
    “Well, maybe you can tell us how you keep in such amazing shape?”
    “Not much to it, Poseidon granted me this muscled and heroic looking body.”
    “Wow! That sounds convenient.”
    “I guess the Olympians figured I should really look the part of a hero.”
   “Well, you sure do. Can you tell us a bit more about your powers?”
   “Basically I can channel the powers of the Olympians, that includes both gods an demi-gods. With the amount of them around that means I have a lot of powers to choose from.”
    “Indeed. Is there a special person in your life?”
   “I guess all Olympians have a special role in it.”
    “I meant… You know, romantically.”
    “Ah. Okay. No, not really. I keep pretty busy fighting the bad guys, saving the world.”
    Bonnie winks. “I bet there are a lot women in the audience who would like to distract you from that, right ladies.”
     Women in the audience go nuts, hooting, cheering. Godling actually blushes. That makes Bonnie think, Definitely not the same Godling I slept with.
     “That’s very flattering, but I’m not really interested in a relationship now.”
     “How about a one night stand?”
     Godling blushes even more. “Even less. I’m not that kind of guy.”
    “I heard some… rumors… that your temporary replacement definitely was.”
    “I wouldn’t know about that. I just know that I’m not.”
    And that’s when the wall breaks and a human / alligator hybrid comes walking through it.
    While the audience panics and Bonnie screams Godling says, “Mr. Gator!”
    “Yes! I’m here to pay you back for the times you beat me. You still haven’t jailed all villains that managed to escape Tartarus II, Godling!”
     “How nice of you to come and turn yourself in then!” Godling says, rising from the couch, fists raised.
     “Very funny. Let me see if you’re still laughing after I caved in your skull!” A scaled fist surges towards Godling. The hero blocks it with his forearms and punches Mr. Gator with the power of Heracles, sending him flying into the audience.
      The audience flees in all directions as Godling jumps after the villain. Mr. Gator snaps his jaws around Godling’s arm who punches him in the stomach a few times to get loose. Then he follows up with a roundhouse right that sends Mr. Gator flying even further in the audience.
     Mr. Gator grabs a woman in the audience, his teeth close to her neck and says, “Surrender, Godling. Surrender or I bite her head off.”
     “Let her go! Let her go, or by Zeus I will…” Godling says, pointing an angry finger at the villain.
     “Or what?” Mr. Gator asks. The next second he’s back on the stage again, Godling standing before him.
    “Or I use the speed of Hermes, creep!” Godling says. “You never knew what hit you when I whisked you away from the audience. Now it’s time for you to sleep. Here’s a couch for you.” The One Man Pantheon lifts the couch from the stage and smashes it into Mr. Gator, knocking him out.
     “Wow! That was incredible, wasn’t it folks?” Bonnie asks. The audience agrees, letting loose a huge applause.
     Godling walks into the audience, to the woman Mr. Gator held hostage. “Are you all right ma’am?”
    “Y-yes,” the lady stammers.
   “Good. I’m afraid this cuts short our interview. I have to take this villain to Tartarus II,” Godling says, picking up the villain and speeding away.
    “Wow. That will having us going viral for sure,” Bonnie says. “I have another special guest who wanted to talk to Godling. I’m afraid he will only be able to talk to me. His name is Julius Slim, he’s one of New Troy’s most successful laywers.”
    A slick looking guy in an expensive suit and a Caesar haircut walks on stage. “Well, we just saw a great example of why I’m on this show. We just saw Godling beat up a  criminal and take him to an unofficial, unsanctioned jail. I’m here to tell you that I’m going to stand up for the rights of the people being sent there. I will be the voice of those our DA doesn’t want to hear about.”
    A good looking woman with blonde hair and glasses walks on stage. “Here I am.”
    “Ladies and gentlemen, our DA Linda Cooper!” Bonnie announces.
    “I’m here to tell you all criminals Godling apprehends get a fair trial and are treated very well at Tartarus II. Our regular prisons are just not up to jailing these superpowered villains and we are glad to use Godling’s facilities.”
    “I’m taking you to court, Cooper. You and Godling! Those men do not belong in that Guantamo Bay. And I will get them out!”
     “Whoa. That’s some fighting words! I’m afraid we’re all out of time for now. Hope you folks tune in to our next show!” Bonnie says while Linda and Julius bicker behind her.


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