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Mon May 2 07:34:01 PDT 2016

On 5/1/2016 1:46 PM, George Phillies wrote:
> Password Lord and His Three Trusty Companions would be delighted to go
> on an adventure.

Scott, I think this comment is for you. <3

> What I didn’t expect, though
> maybe I should’ve, is that Janie shared mind to mind with Brian what she
> remembered. Brian wanted to be sure he understood what his sisters went
> through. And they both said that Joe’s mom did something so they
> remember what happened, but they don’t remember being frightened, and
> they are not frightened when they think about it.

If I were their mom, I would definitely have asked about that at the time? @.@ 
That said, that's nice of her.

> “Chills are common if you go way too deep into your gifts,” Morgana
> explained. “And I really mean way too deep, not just a bit too deep..
> That’s not surprising, given what he did.

That makes a lot of sense.

> Joe was the good-guy side of
> the deepest power persona combat in New England since Crittenden’s War.

That's a good sentence with a good reference.

> I am morally certain Joe teleported out with your daughters
> because he saw me appear, not because he thought he was escaping the
> villains.

ohhhhhhh. :o Nice.

> “Then, afterward, something broke into Castle Island Prison, put the
> guards to sleep without their noticing anything, hid its presence from
> the three members of the Stars Over Boston who were also guarding the
> place, and exfoliated the memories of the surviving villains,
> incidentally killing them. The villains were very deeply tranquilized
> and being given medical care. Mighty Mind was going to search their
> minds carefully, but was waiting for the needed court order. Something
> else did not wait.

Oof. :o Fascinating. And uncomfortable.

> "I would’ve liked at least to speak to him. Many people owe him favors,
> but he made no effort to collect. With that sort of power, unless you
> have good training, your slight errors can get large numbers of people
> killed.  Including you if you make a mistake. Also, someone put a geas
> on your house. I find that bothersome. There aren’t a lot of people who
> can do that, and none of them appear to have a motive.”

I'm glad she's uncomfortable with this too. >:/

Drew "fistshake" Perron

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