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[I meant to write this earlier, but Real Life got in the way. ]

Meanwhile, Masterplan Lad, Victoria Arden, and Net.Access were waiting for
their lunch at the Pizza Pit. It was taking some time, since the authors
couldn't look up other restaurants and half the LNH was eating there. (Not
that the pineapple cheesecake which was the special today was necessarily
bad, but sometimes one wanted variety.) Since the Pizza Pit was right next
to the LNHQ, it sometimes took on its special dimensional properties, so
there was enough seating for everyone. The service staff, though, was
stretched desperately thin. At least Doctor Stomper had given everyone
temporary superspeed serum injections so they could carry out all the

"So is there anything we can do?" said Net.Access. "Any worlds to save or
crossovers to be in?"

Masterplan Lad shook his head. "We're still waiting on the first issue of
our series, The Liminals, which I'm sure our Author is working on right
this moment and not distracting themself again with irrelevant projects."
He glared across the fourth wall. What? I'm working on my dissertation.

"You know perfectly well you're not. If you were you wouldn't be typing
these words right now."

OK, point. Suddenly, Manga Girl (who's been around long enough she doesn't
have to use the number anymore) dashed through the door and plopped on the
table. "Hi guys!" she said. "What's going on?"

"Well, the wiki was destroyed," said Victoria.

"Yes!" said a figure in a red costume who had been lurking around the Pizza
Pit with his cape drawn over his face, cackling to himself. "All due to the
devious plot of... WIKICIDE!"

"Actually, no," said Net.Access. "It was, um... It was me."

"What?!" said WikiCide.

"Huh?" said Manga Girl.

"Well, Vic and I went to one of Token Girl's old anime nights, and then we
were training in the Peril Room and I thought it'd be cool if I channeled
the Dirty Pair... Yeah."

"Sorry," whispered Victoria. "You looked good in that bikini, though."

"Thanks! Well maybe I'll wear it for you when we're, you know, alone."
Victoria suddenly blushed. "I mean, whenever you're ready for, ah, that
kind of thing."

"Bah!" said WikiCide. "Never mind! This will still be the beginning of my
devious plan--"

"They've fixed it now," said Masterplan Lad. "Everything should be back to
normal in a few moments."

"Bah again!" said WikiCide, storming out of the Pizza Pit. "Next time,
heroes... Next time!"

"Who was that guy?" said Manga Girl.

"No idea," said Net.Access. "Look, I'm sorry, OK? I didn' know--"

"It's OK," said Victoria, squeezing her on the shoulder. "We've basically
all blown up the LNHQ at some point."

"In our Infinite Leadership Crisis issues," said Masterplan Lad, "which I'm
sure our Author is working on this very moment--"

"So yeah," said Manga Girl. "You're totally one of the Liminals now!"

"That's not actually the name of our team," said Masterplan Lad. "It's more
of a sort of descriptive title, like 'Doctor Who.' Our team is more of an
unofficial agglomeration of friends like the Limp-Asparagus Lad cast or the
Net.Heroes of Parade than an organized subgroup like Dvandom Force or the
Alt.Riders, and our series has a somewhat tangential relationship with the
superhero genre, so..."

"Nah, that's too confusing," said Manga Girl. "That should be our name."

"She's right," said Victoria. "Sorry, buddy, you're overruled."

"Oh all right," Masterplan Lad grumped.

"Now that we've offiically named our team," said Net.Access, "we should
totally do the Fantastic Four oath thing where we stretch out our hands and
lay them on top of each other." And they did. "One for all and all for
one!" she said.

"And pizza for everybody!" said Manga Girl.

Meanwhile, WikiCide stalked off into an alley somewhere. He may have
suffered a setback, but he was far from done. Oh no. For he was the
Ultimate WikiClone, the embodiment of all the anger and resentment WikiBoy
would never let himself feel, edited out of existence but then brought back
into continuity by the Rifts. [From Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade that
Had an Ending] One way or another, for every single humiliation that was
visited on him over the course of his life, the Legion would pay...


Adrian "The Dark Spaceknight" McClure, now with sig

I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I
see and what it means. What I want and what I fear."-- Joan Didion
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