MISC: The Girl Who Saved The World Part 32

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 23:23:01 PDT 2016

On 2/19/2016 10:04 PM, George Phillies wrote:
> “Incredible bragging rights,” Brian announced. “Grandmasters come here
> to learn City of Steel from Janie.”

I mean, that's pretty rad. <3

> She wore a baggy royal-blue sweater and loose blue jeans, but seemed
> unbothered by the blinding snow, gale-force winds, and below-zero
> weather.

Hmmmmmm. Not concerned that her identity will leak out from doing that, then? Of 
course, it makes sense that the snow itself would veil her...

> For Abigail Wells she had a firm hug.

Awwww. <3

> “That was just what you’ve all heard,” Morgana said..  “GR, have you
> folks ever had a champion before? It’s like having an attorney.

The plot thickens! Fascinating.

> What
> mostly matters is that at the end Krystal North wants mentalic contact
> with Janie, to confirm that what what Janie said was true.  That’s,
> well, it’s not dangerous, but while that was going on Janie would be
> relatively open to someone trying to tamper with her mind. I’m here to
> stop that.

Ahhhhhh, very interesting!

> Some idiot from over there might try to kidnap Janie and
> interrogate her about her hypothetical contacts with the Bearer. That’s
> forcibly interrogate.  I’m very definitely here to stop that. ”

Yeesh. I see.

> “Speaker Ming, when I was speaking to him before
> before you heard him, said ‘If your parents will consent to having you
> questioned by the American Persona League, we can say that you have been
> questioned, everything that could be learned from you has been learned,
> and therefore you should be left alone.’”


Drew "I like this Ming the Merciful" Perron

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