MISC: The Girl Who Saved the World Part 27

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Sun Mar 20 00:07:22 PDT 2016

On 1/30/2016 12:21 AM, George Phillies wrote:
> Can you imagine
> what the League of Terran Justice would do with it?”  The League of
> Terror and Injustice was a permanent thorn in Holmgren’s side.

Nice. :D

>    “All the power of all the world’s investigatory agencies, from the
> Okhrana to the fabled Pinkertons, are hot in her pursuit,” said
> Elizaveta Romanoff.

Ooooh, history-things.

> This person is being attacked by our League’s most powerful
> Strike Team, not to mention a Lord of Eternity.  What does she do?
> Nothing.  Not a thing.  Most people, seeing what was about to happen to
> them, would at least try shooting back, piously hoping that they might
> possibly fire a silver arrow.

An excellent point.

> “Indeed,” Singh said, “As she is clearly not a Lord of Eternity, there
> is one obvious possibility.  While she is shorter than history books
> report, it is possible that the Namestone is now in the hands of the
> Silver General.”  Looks of horror criss-crossed the room.  “Some would
> feel surprise that the Supreme Mistress of Terror and Treachery was
> found worthy.”

Hmmmmmmm. o.o Fascinating. I really do love the worldbuilding.

> It was
> possible, she thought, that some of the Great Powers did not plan to
> keep secret their capture of the Namestone, at least until they had used
> the Namestone to conquer the world. She hoped that no one would press
> her to name a Great Power that was so strangely run. It seemed far less
> possible that any Power would voluntarily hand the Namestone over to
> dear Lars.

An excellent point~

> Nonetheless, the promises would be extensive, time-consuming,
> pointless, and last until an appropriate hour for recess had been reached.

Naturellement. <3

Drew "politix" Perron

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