MISC: The Girl Who Saved the World, Part 26

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On 1/27/2016 11:13 PM, George Phillies wrote:
> By the way, I did a minor rearrangement again.  The book now starts with
> Eclipse lying in bed in considerable pain, then jumps back to Kniaz
> Kang's Shanghai Marco Polo. The diplomats which you are now reading are
> shoved off to chapter eight.

Very good! This is a big advantage of sharing your work with beta-readers.

> We will return in two episodes to Chapter
> Three, in which we meet the Wells family, Janie, Brian, and Jessamine
> Trishaset being Aurora, Star, and Comet, respectively.

Ooooh! I remember them.

> Unless,
> Valkyria thought, you cheat by presenting the Maze with an artificial
> construct that has no mental weaknesses. Alas, the construct was not
> quite ready to enter the Maze before this Eclipse persona showed up.


> “Asked? When she could have taken it? She shows she is weak!” Markgraf
> Moeller grumbled.
> “Then I must humbly pray that we never have to contend with a strong
> persona bearing the Namestone,” Legate Hong whispered.

Ohhhhh *snap*. (Though Moeller is a bit of a caricature here - usually, 
politicians try to put at least a bit of fancy language on that sort of assertion.)

> “Thus,” Saigo continued, “as she is as worthy as the Martyr, who read
> her soul before granting her the stone, she is no danger to anyone.
> However, she may defend herself. Such acts might have less than ideal
> consequences to nearby places, for example the neighboring continent.
> Accordingly, the Satsuma Domain will not find it entirely convenient at
> this time to participate in attempting her capture.”

*Thank* you. Sheesh.

Drew "some moments of consideration" Perron

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