MISC: The Girl Who Saved the World Part 24

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 21:38:32 PDT 2016

On 1/21/2016 12:35 AM, George Phillies wrote:
> Perhaps I should send you all a tribute to the work of two+ decades ago.

Oh my goodness. <3

>    The characters are Front Page Kami, King UID, and Password Lord, who
> between them can bring up the front page you wanted, and type in the
> User ID and Password.

GASP. XD That's great. I especially like the use of "Kami".

> "But I can do that," Doctor State-the-Obvious-But-Missing-the-Point said.


> "Well, yes," Front Page Kami agreed.
> "But you knew," King UID observed.
> "What you wanted to type," Password Lord noted. "We have no such
> limitations. Asked for a password, I can always type it."

Gasp. o.o That's... *maybe a bit* powerful

> "Those were the People's Bank of China Front pages," Front Page Kami
> explained, "And we just made a transfer from there to our secret bank
> accounts in East Net.I.Stan."
> "Yes? Much?"
> "Not really," Password Lord said.  "Their foreign currency holdings were
> only three trillion dollars.


> with the clear
> understanding that has already been negotiated between our Minister of
> State and Speaker Ming that at such time as we request our American
> friends to depart that they will do so as expeditiously as possible
> given the potential need to assist the sick and injured, extinguish
> fires, and support the detention of foreign prisoners of war pending
> fair trials and prompt executions.

*deep breath*

>On the other hand, China and the IncoAztecan Empire would
> both claim the right of intervention.  Alas, they were probably the two
> most populous nations in the world, and both of them were vigorous about
> seeking out and training persona talents wherever found.

Oh shit, summer crossover-level battles approaching

> At long last, the argument over foreign intervention ran out of steam.
> “What do we tell our citizens?” Lars Holmgren finally responded prayerfully.
> “Perhaps,” Buncombe said, “you could tell the people of the world that
> you eventually reached this meeting’s agenda.”


Drew "catch up, hash out" Perron

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