MISC: GODLING # 53 The Masked Merchant part 2 by J. Vandersteen

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Months late, yet I rise!

On 1/22/2016 5:33 PM, jvdsteen1974 at gmail.com wrote:
>"Hi, Quentin," a voices says behind him. He turns around and is
 > surprised to find Aphrodite in the shower with him.
>        "Aphrodite? Please! Do you mind?"

Now *here*'s a scene that could use descriptive detail. h.h

>I just feel my job is about protecting people, not talking to the
 > press and grandstanding about it."
>"That's where your idea of the job differs with the idea my father
 > has. Remember, we gave you these powers so people would believe in us again.
 > You're our Olympian Prophet."

I really do like how consistently this drives the plot. A lot of superheroes 
have a central concept whose quirks and driving forces end up not really 
intersecting with their stories.

>Lower Troy. A group of thugs wearing black bandanas is chilling,
 > sitting on their cars, smoking and drinking while a boombox plays rapmusic.

Not gonna lie: I'm uncomfortable with this. A lot of the simplified cultural 
tropes you use are harmless, but the word "thug" has been used in some really 
awful ways recently?

>Dober-Girl enters the tattoo shop called "Tattoo Grrrl" via the backdoor,
 > stripping off her leather outfit while she does. Her goodlooking redhead
 > girlfriend, Daisy is there to hand her a T-shirt that says "La Dispute".
>        "Here, sugar," Daisy says.
>        "Thanks, baby! Am I in time for my first appointment?"
>       "You are, but first wash the blood of your hands."
>       "Oh, right," Dober-Girl says, looking at them.

This, however, is both cute and badass. ^.^ <3 I loves it.

Drew "time to talk about EVERYTHING" Perron

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