SW10/WWW: Powernaut 1985 #17: Dad!!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Mar 10 17:56:42 PST 2016

Why yes, we do find out which two Powernauts are related.  But aside 
from that...  1985 now has a cool current Powernaut, an old one, an even 
older one, a woman one, and it might be about to get one from entirely 
out of left field.  Is that what U.S. Presidential elections might be 
like, 30 years from 1985?

... In any case, Powernaut 1985 continues.  Not exactly inspired by 
Ronald Reagan!



Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! The 
Pre-Golden Age Powernaut

I've mentioned that in 1985, comic books were trying to bring all 
history together in one story.  The Powernaut's comic was no exception. 
But it went farther than any other.  It found a comic strip from 1912, 
and declared that to be part of its history!

The 1985 comics never explained what this earlier Powernaut did during 
World War *Two*, while his son went off to war.  Most fans assume, he 
stayed home with his elderly wife.  But some say he went to war too. 
Some even link him to the Secret Commando.  I personally doubt that... 
but now I wonder about the timelines and longevity of heroes in general. 
  In 1985 this Powernaut was somewhere over 100 years old, after all. 
Not that that's impossible for someone in his trade...

I personally prefer not to think about generations of heroes cursed to 
fight wars.  But for the Powernaut, the timing of his generation does at 
least work.

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