META: Argh Blargh Argle Bargle

Drew Perron pwerdna at
Tue Mar 8 11:52:02 PST 2016

Okay, okay, so I'm way behind on everything but It's Okay. Status of things:

HCC58: Tom wins! Just made a post about this but it's way back in the original thread so~

The RACCies: I haven't gotten even a single nomination ballot - but I figure that's my fault, so I'm-a fix it! First, I'm extending the nomination deadline to March 31st (and will be posting an updated Second Nomination Ballot). Second, I'm going to be posting some eligibles later - and I encourage everyone else to do the same!

Replying to stories: Is a thing I'm also going to do. As well, I'm planning on bringing back Kid Review, that seems like it'd be pretty helpful huh >.>

The LNH in general: We've been on a downswing, but there's some big announcements coming down the pipe. Keep a lookout later this week...

Drew "recharge the Writing!" Perron

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