MISC: The Girl Who Saved The World Part 34

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Fri Mar 4 23:08:38 PST 2016

On 2016-03-04 18:36, George Phillies wrote:
> Comments?

I suppose.  8{D>


> “Let’s save this for a bit,” Morgana said. “But there’s something a bit
> odd…later!  GR, tonight they’ll teleport in.  Your driveway would be
> good, except there’s two feet of snow on it.”
> “I’ll take care of that,” Trisha said.  She faded into a blur of motion
> headed for the basement stairs.
> Trisha reappeared from nowhere, leaning against a kitchen cabinet. “I
> shoveled the driveway, Dad,” she announced.
> “In two minutes?” Patrick said. “What if the neighbors saw you?”
> “You can hardly see the house next door, and the Goosedotrs are in
> Florida. You can’t see the street lights.  Besides,” Trisha added, “I
> was invisible the whole time, and behind the snow cloud I raised.”

well, that's good superhuman family life.

> “I can’t just…” Morgana began to protest.
> “You will have a real dinner, Morgana,” Abigail interrupted,  “and we
> should have you over more often, now that I know who you are. My family
> has been scrupulous about respecting your privacy. Though looking at the
> clock, dinner is perhaps after this meeting.  While you three are doing
> your homework.” The last sentence was directed at her children.

That's a good example of superhuman interaction in a superhuman world, too.


I did have to check back two parts ago to remind myself who Morgana was. 
  But that actually works better for me than just packing it all into 
the same episode.  I have rather a short attention span...  8{D>  And I 
believe in short episodes in general.  They're easier to write!

So... I don't have a lot of comment on this Part 34, but it seems like a 
good detailed slice of life to me.

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