LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #7: Looniverse Adrift! Part Two

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In this weeks reposting of stuff you can find in the eyrie archive
we have the Second Part of Ken Schmidt's and Joltin' Jeff McCoskey's
Looniverse Adrift Crossover, which ran in LNH Comic Presents and
LNH Triple Play.

This second part contains LNH Comics Presents #15, 16, and 17.
Old school LNH logo stolen from Tales of the LNH.  :)  (I don't
know who created it.  Hubert?  Martin?  Who knows.)

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                                     ADVENTURES #7

                      Looniverse Adrift! Part Two

Newsgroups: alt.comics.lnh
From: "Ken Schmidt" <kenaschm at cs.indiana.edu>
Subject: LNH Comics Presents #15
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1993 10:13:34 -0500

			LNH Comics Presents #15
	Tsar Chasm awoke.  His head was throbbing, and his muscles aching.  He 
attempted to stretch to work out some of the stiffness, but discovered that
he was tied up and unable to move.
	"What is the meaning of this?!?" he demanded of no one in particluar.  
Tsar Chasm opened his eyes and realized he was in the spartan base he had set 
up in rec.arts.comics.info.  He struggled against his bonds when the familiar 
voice of Pocket Man replied.
	"The ropes are to make sure you don't cause anymore trouble!  What is 
the meaning of bringing us here?!" Pok asked sharply.
	Tsar Chasm stopped struggling, he paused to make certain his link to
Webster and Webs Tor had been severed.  He tried to access Teleporter's
ability, but was unable.  He looked up and saw that along with Pocket Man, 
Sig.Lad, Organic Lass and Particle Man were present. 
	"It is quite simple.  I brought you here to save you and alt.comics.
	"Pok, what is he raving about?" asked Organic Lass.
	"Yes, ask Pocket Man.  He knows of what I speak!  A force threatens 
the very existance of alt.comics.lnh.  I have been combating it with some
assistance from Pocket Man, but something has happened, and my machine has
	"What force?" Particle Man asked of Tsar Chasm and Pocket Man.  
	Tsar Chasm looked at Pocket Man, "It will be more palatable to your
comrades if the information came from you, Pocket Man."
	"I can do better than that," Pocket Man said as he reached inside his
jumpsuit and rummaged around in a pocket.  He produced some line-printout
paper and handed it to Particle Man.  "That is the H.O.O.T.E.R.'s translation
of the read-outs from Tsar Chasm's machine."
	Sig.Lad and Particle Man looked over the printout.  Sig.Lad let out a
low whistle.  "Whoa!  According to this, a wave of some sort is descending
over alt.comics.lnh.  A wave that would re-establish the 'fourth-wall' and 
would effectively render WCs comatose."  Sig.Lad looked up from the print-out
and addressed Tsar Chasm.  "I asssume this is what you were being so cryptic
about at the gates of Limbo." (See Constellation #14 -K)
	"Yes, it is."  Tsar Chasm quickly added,"I have done further research 
into the matter.  Over time the WCs would not only remain comatose, but will
eventually fade into nothingness.  The end result is the erasure of alt.comics.
lnh entirely. I would not stand for it, so I set up an inhibitor that held the
wave in check.  I lacked a power source and asked Pocket Man for assistance, 
and for his silence.  However, something has happened and the wave was jump-
started with at least twice the power it had before.  The power source that 
Pocket Man provided initially prevented the wave from completely shutting down
the WCs.  I realized that it would not last forever, so I...recruited you and 
brought you here to help me foil this plot."
	"Recruited?  Is that what you call kidnapping us?  We were already 
aware of your need for assistance, why-"
	"Did I not simply show up and invite you?" Tsar Chasm finished 
Sig.Lad's question.  "I will admit that my methods were rather...terse, but 
time was critical and the matter urgent.  I had no choice."
	"Ends justifying your means?" asked Sig.Lad.  
	"There is no time for bickering either!" Tsar Chasm was feeling silly 
debating his point while bound and laying on the floor.  "We must concentrate 
on stopping the wave and whoever is controlling it."
	"Someone is controlling this wave?" asked Particle Man.
	"Yes.  Who, or what, I am unable to say.  But there is an intelligence
behind it."
	Tsar Chasm realized something was not quite right.  "Where is Kid 
Kirby? He was here earlier.  I saw him before I passed out."
	"He is constructing...something," began Particle Man.  "He seemed
annoyed when he was unable to boom-tube back to aclnh and began to work the
moment he realized something wasn't quite right."
	Tsar Chasm was feeling very sore and tried to shift around, but was 
unable to even roll over for comfort.  "I don't suppose you would be willing to
untie me?  I am very sore from fighting the effects of the wave, and the bonds
are not giving me much relief.  I have no where to go and no way to get there, 
so you don't have to worry about me leaving you here to be trapped."  'Not that
I could trap this group for long even if I HAD to,' he finished mentally.
	Pocket Man looked at the others.  They seemed unsure, but he had 
learned that Tsar Chasm was a man of his word, his motives were questionable 
but he was true to his word.  With a sigh he untied the knots he had made 
earlier and released Tsar Chasm.  Tsar Chasm stood up and stretched.
	"My thanks Pocket Man.  I was be-"
	"TREACHEROUS CUR!" Kid Kirby announced his entrance in the room as he
rushed Tsar Chasm.  Moving with a speed that belied his armored size the
defender of the Kirby way picked up Tsar Chasm (who was dressed in the 
short/t-shirt ensemble from 'The Three Day Lull') roughly and slammed him
up against a wall.  "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?"
	Tsar Chasm was knocked breathless from the force of the contact with 
the wall and unable to reply beyond short gasps.  The four other LNHers tried 
in vain to pull Kid Kirby off Tsar Chasm.
	"WHERE IS ALT.COMICS.LNH?!?"  Kid Kirby demanded.
	Kirby's question was met by more breathless gasps from Tsar Chasm, and
questioning stares from the LNHers.  
	"What do you mean 'where is it?'  Where are we?"
	Tsar Chasm finally found his breath enough to speak, "Rec.arts.comics.
info, it is the safest place I could think of."
	"Fiend!  What have you done to alt.comics.lnh?" Kid Kirby demanded 
	"I have done nothing."
	"Then where is it?!?"
	Sig.Lad interrupted the exchange,"Whoa!  Are you saying that it's not 
where it was?"
	"No," said the Kirbian,"I am saying it has vanished."
	"I can explain if you would just let me down," said Tsar Chasm.
	Kid Kirby released his grip and Tsar Chasm quickly slid down the wall 
until his feet reached the ground.
	"The reason you cannot detect it is that it is closed to most outside
	Sig.Lad interrupted, "Most?"
	Tsar Chasm continued,"It is just a theory, but I believe that a lurker 
would be able to traverse the barrier.  He, or she,  would be unable to
interact with the Looniverse, but would be able to observe it.  A ghost in
the works if you will.  Actually, by expending enough energy any of us could
pierce the barrier, but once back inside aclnh you would fall victim to the
effects of the wave.  The WCs would fall comatose, and Particle Man would
forget much of what he knows."
	"Why doesn't it extend here?"
	"For some reason only aclnh was targeted.  I'm not sure why.  I didn't 
have the time to research the wave's origin, only what effects it would
have...say, Kid Kirby do you still have access to the Kirbyzone?"
	Kid Kirby puffed his chest out,"Of course I do, how do you think I 
scanned for aclnh earlier?  There aren't the resources here to build anything."
	"What we need is a device to track the wave back to its source.  If I 
give you the energy readings that Pocket Man translated, could you whip up
	"It would be simplicity itself."
	"Fine, Pocket Man, if you would loan Kid Kirby those read-outs..? 
(Pocket Man handed the H.O.O.T.E.R.'s readout to Kid Kirby)  Do you require
any assitance?"
	In response Kid Kirby released some excess energy through his fist 
holding the printouts and said said in a low voice,"No." and walked to the 
adjoining chamber he had come from earlier.
	Tsar Chasm watched the armored form of Kid Kirby vanish into the room 
and turned around.  He found himself alone in a room with four LNHers with 
nothing to do.  The thought terrified him.
	"Since I am the host here, I should act as such. Please" began Tsar
Chasm as he pushed a panel on the wall,"have a seat."  Two larger panels in 
the wall lifted up and slid back.  Two couches slid out from the wall and 
offered themselves for seating.  Sig.Lad and Particle Man sat on one while
Pocket Man and Organic Lass took the other.  Tsar Chasm remained standing
and faced the quartet.  An uneasy silence fell over the room as each side
had no idea how to start asking the multitude of questions that swirled in 
their heads.  A thought struck Tsar Chasm and, as is his habit, he scratched
at the week-old stubble on his chin.  He was about to ask a question when
Kid Kirby returned.
	"All is not well," Kid Kirby announced.  "Master Workload has captured
Constellation and the Dvandom Stranger and is using their unique stature as
otherworldly beings to sustain this wave-like effect Tsar Chasm described
	"What?  How do you know this?" demanded Tsar Chasm.
	In response Kid Kirby fixed a glare at the would-be conquerer of the 
net.  He returned his gaze to the seated LNHers and continued,"He has somehow
marshalled the power of the Editorial Staff for aid.  My scans have revealed
the location of Workload, and the energy trail from the place leads to where
alt.comics.lnh should be.  But the newsgroup itself still eludes me.  I had
not thought Workload bold, or powerful, enough to accomplish this deed."
	"What if Workload enlisted aid from other entities?" asked Sig.Lad.
	Kid Kirby considered Sig.Lad's question.  "There were no traces of
 others, but all that it means is that they aren't there now.  Involvement by 
other entities can not be ruled out as a possibility."
	"So, we can zip in, snatch Constellation and the Stranger, and zip 
out,"said Particle Man.  "He would never notice, right?"
	"Were that it was so," replied Kid Kirby.  "Unfortunately Workload has
kept tight reign on his home.  We might achieve entrance, but the effort 
would weaken us to the point of being ineffectual in combat, and escaping
nigh-impossible, made moreso when considering escaping with Workload's
	Tsar Chasm's eyes raced back and forth as he was lost in contemplation.
His thumb and middle finger on his left hand began to snap together as he 
finished his thought.  His left index finger pointed at no one in general
as he began to speak.  "I have a plan.  First, Kirby I need you to build
a teleportational device and show Organic Lass how to operate it.  Sig.Lad-"
	"HOW DARE YOU?!?"  the males in the room were shocked by Organic Lass's
outburst.  "You kidnap us here with no explanation, and now you are giving
us orders like we were born to follow you?  Why should we follow you?!"
	Another silence fell over the room while Organic Lass's words sank in.
Pocket Man's hand tried to cover the smile that was fighting the way onto
his face.
	Tsar Chasm displayed his smile openly,"Pocket Man, your description of
Organic Lass does her no credit.  I apologize for being so forward.  I am 
unsued to giving orders that are questioned.  Webster and Webs Tor have spoiled
me.  You are correct.  I am the outsider here."  After a slight pause, Tsar
Chasm continued,"I have a plan, may I outline it for the group and present it 
as an alternative?"
	"Better," came the reply from Organic Lass.
	Within a half-hour Tsar Chasm's plan had been laid out and modified by
the information that Kid Kirby's sensors were supplying.  Kid Kirby had also
created a teleporting device and showed Organic Lass the switch that sent
the group out, and the switch that recalled them.
	"We need to calibrate the sensors properly," announced Kid Kirby.
	"Right," said Sig.Lad as he changed into Sig.nal Lad.  Sig.Lad was to 
be teleported near the Dvandom Stranger and the Editorial Staff.  Then Organic
Lass was to return them to the base.  At the same time Sig.Lad was teleported
next to the Stranger, Particle Man would be teleported next to Constellation.
With the Staff gone, Constellation would be freed and Particle Man was to 
quickly talk Constellation to go sideways out.  Then Particle Man could guide
them back to Tsar Chasm's base.  Kid Kirby, Pocket Man and Tsar Chasm (the last
two aided by two Liefeld-esque firearms found in one of Pok's pockets) were
to distract Workload the few seconds that was needed to pull off the escape.
When the Stranger and Sig.Lad had returned, Kirby's machine would pull out
the trio out.
	"All we need is a momentary lapse in Workload's shielding and we can 
go." finished.
	"What makes you so sure there will be a lapse?" inquired Sig.Lad.
	"Workload must be expending considerable amounts of energy to block
aclnh from even Kirbytech scans.  You saw that the effect was not instant-
aneous, he must be adding more and more energy over time.  When he sends his 
next wave, we will be ready to leap in."
	"Why do we need a machine to move us? Why not boom-tube in and out?"
asked Particle Man.
	"Kid Kirby will need his strength for our diversion.  And what happens 
to the rest of us if Kid Kirby lacks the strength to boom us out after 
diverting Workload?  I'm not saying that it would happen," Tsar Chasm added 
after seeing Kirby's reacion,"I'm just saying it is a chance we can't afford to
	Another uneasy silence fell over the group.  This time, it was 
interrupted by an alarm.

			---Ken, I'm too tired to come up with a title
				maybe I'll have a contest when its

From: jmccoske at sedona.intel.com (Jeff McCoskey~)
Newsgroups: alt.comics.lnh
Subject: LNH Comics Presents #16
Date: 2 Dec 1993 04:57:45 GMT


It's your chance for LNH ftp site immortality!  Name this maxi-series!  LOON-
IVERSE ADRIFT! is only the working title (so you'll know whatcher reading). 
We're desperately in need of something appropriately grandiose.  Or silly. Or
whatever, you tell us!  For archive's sake don't be afraid to stick your neck
out.  After all, we weren't afraid to stick our hand out.

What has gone before:  WCs are mysteriously falling into comas as all memory
of them is erased.  The NWCs do their best to cope.  Meanwhile, Tsar Chasm has
assembled a team to strike at the being that re-established the Fourth Wall. 
But Master Workload captured the Dvandom Stranger and Constellation so he's no
pushover . . . and through all the turmoil, Ebon Lord decides it's time to

	Captain Capitalize's voice boomed over the cheering LNH.  "CATALYST
	Catalyst Lass's hands flew to her mouth and her eyes went wide.  She
could barely be heard above her teammates' cheers.  "What?  I'm the. . .?  Oh
this is just super!  Guys, I'm sooo overwhelmed.  I hope I can live up to all
your expectations and stuff . . ."  A dejected-looking C-E Lad shuffled off the
	Her acceptance speech was cut short.  A billowing cloud of smoke flared
up on center stage.  Out of it stepped All-Knowing-Last-Chance-Whiner-Destiny
Woman.  She pointed a sharp-nailed finger at Catalyst Lass.
	"This is not good," murmered Sister State-the-Obvious.  The hall
quieted down.
	"Revel not overlong in your victory.  Look to your hearts and under-
stand that the LNH is but a shadow of itself.  Even now, events conspire to
banish that shadow in the white fury of cataclysm -- "
	Whuuuuuh, so we run to the light, right?" asked Curly.
	"No, my simple friend.  You are already speeding pel-mel into the
conflagration.  Only Hurculean efforts can halt that terrible momentum.  Time
is slipping away -- the Tragedy of Chronos."  As AKLCWDW folded her arms and
lowered her head, the smoke engulfed her.  When it cleared, she was gone.
	"What a buzz-stomper," said California Kid.

		===============		===============

	Bad Timing Boy yawned at the console.  He had voted for Catalyst Lass
electronically, but that AKLCWDWoman had really put the kibosh on the cele-
bration.  Catalyst was naming her cabinet, and the Trouble Alert was clear. 
B-TB decided this was the perfect opportunity to take a bathroom break.

		===============		===============

	Dr. Killfile was absolutely rigid, betraying no more life than a
statue.  Inside his psyche, a ferocious yet subtle battle was being waged.
	"I never cease to be amazed at the buffoons upon which Providence
grants great power.  The Looniverse is a gem, uniquely useful in the Plu-
Realities, yet you would destroy it for its lack of structure?  That is
hardly a flaw...it is the Looniverse's greatest asset!"  Lord Ebon could not
resist verbally attacking his opponent's resolve as their psychic battle
raged.  Ebon was expending a dangerous amount of power in pressing his attack,
but he had un-planned on reserves, since Workload had thoughtfully paved the way
through Killfile's defenses.  If power alone could determine the victor, Ebon
knew his eldritch skill would prevail.
	"And I never cease to wonder at the diversity of great minds that find
their misbegotten ways into this 'Looniverse.'  Invariably, they are mesmerized
by its malleability.  This self-perpetuating creative black hole views itself
as both the raw material and the product -- its laborers doomed never to do
meaningful work as long as they are enslaved by its siren song.  Your plans
mean nothing to me, other-worlder.  But eradicating the Looniverse can only
further them.  I am doing you a favor, whether you see it or not."
	Workload's will parried Ebon's thrusts on a hundred different fronts.
Workload's hundred thrusts were simultaneously repulsed as well.  Their mental
fencing had the complexity of n-dimensional chess, but both were experienced at
its subtlties.  Though rarely practiced at this level, the vagaries of psychic
warfare were required knowledge for anyone wishing to conquer another's soul.
Workload sensed the invader's energy resources, and knew he was outmatched in
an even battle.  But this was no even battle.
	Killfile's native will provided an eerie terrain for the titans as they
struggled for control.  But in this terrain, Ebon was the outsider, not of the
Net.  Subconsciously, Killfile's nature rebelled against the other-worldly
invader.  It was the levelling Workload needed.

		===============		===============

	Censor Girl burst into Tsar Chasm's computer room.  Her face glowed as
she noticed Killfile's paralyzed form in the center.  She tried to transmit her
joy, but interference had sprung up on the Link.  Her System could not circum-
vent the static.  He seemed to be ignoring her.
	Of course.  She had not yet completed her program.  ==Destroy the Wave
Inhibitor==  She turned Dr. Killfile's body that he could watch the skill with
which she executed his programs.  Now if she could just detect  the damn thing.
	Her bionic elbow lanced out, launching an energy blast into the nearest
computer.  Killfile remained motionless.  Wrong machine.  Another bolt, and
another machine died in a shower of sparks.  Still wrong.  Censor Girl
continued her destruction, not caring that the only thing remaining from the
first machine was a burning label.
	The label read, "LNH Detector JAMMER . . ."

		===============		===============

	Catalyst Lass sat around the War Room table with her newly appointed
cabinet.  True to her word, she was not an expert on all things superheroic,
but she knew where to find the experts.  Around the table sat Dr. Stomper,
Secretary of Technology, Innovative Offense Boy, Secretary of Defense, Master
Roster Man, Secretary of Personnel, Parking Karma Kid, Secretary of Transpor-
tation, and lastly, Cheesecake-Eater Lad, Vice-Leader.
	They had just begun talking about the coma infestation, when Hooded
Ho`'od Win led Deductive Logic Man into the conference.
	<( Cat, Deductive Logic Man may have some more information for you.)>
	"Please, call me Ferris."  He was carrying another comatose body, this
one wearing a fedora, which he plopped on the conference table.  "Hood showed
me the tape of AKLCWDWoman's speech.  There's trouble.  What is Bad Timing Boy
doing right now?"
	"Oh, gee.  He's supposed to be monitoring the Trouble Alert . . ."
	Ferris slapped his forehead.  "Hood, could you . . ."
	<(  Indeed.  )>  The cowled woman faded into the shadows, then
	Ferris explained.  "AKLCWDWoman was giving us a warning, in her own
pseudo-cosmic style.  'the Tragedy of Chronos?'  Tragedy - Bad; Chronos - Time.
Bad-Timing Boy . . ."  Hooded Ho`'od Win reappeared from the shadows.
	<(  He was gone.  Monitors show him in the bathroom -- in unwelcome
detail.  The Trouble Alert was flashing.  Censor Girl is destroying a super-base
in Net.ropolis.  )>
	Catalyst Lass jumped to her feet.  "Secretary of Transportation, ready
the flight thingies.  Secretary of Personnel, gather up the LNH in the flight
thingie bay, ok?  Secreta . . ., oh poo, IO Boy, can you work up an attack
plan?  Dr. Stomper, grab a few guys to help you with the bodies and stuff, and
see if you can't figure out how this stuff all fits together.  Hood, C-E Lad,
let's go . . ."

		===============		===============

	Censor Girl paused panting as her internal power supplies recharged.
Tsar Chasm had an immense amount of machinery.  Her bionic eye slid to
Killfile's frozen form.  Not good.  Her Master had not reconnected the Link.
He was still giving her the silent treatment.  This was taking too long!

		===============		===============

	Ebon pressed his advantage against the retreating Workload.  The Time
Tracker had made a strategic blunder that cost him some valuable mental real
estate.  His position was momentarily secured, but Ebon had increased the
attack, sensing weakness.  The psychic terrain that leaned against Ebon amused
him.  So much the better that Killfile's will was able to aid the battle.  Once
Workload was excised, the pathetic psyche would replenish Ebon's flagging
energy.  It was always better to devour a resistant soul than a passive one.
More trouble, but far more satisfying.

		==============		===============

	The roof of Tsar Chasm's lair exploded in a storm of shrapnel.  Censor
Girl dove for cover, barely managing to activate her force shield in time.
Killfile was unmoved by her timely protection of him.
	"Super job, Captain Capitalize!"  Capitalize dropped to his knees after
giving it his all.  "Alright Legionnaires, you know the plan.  Let's go . . .
get a little rowdy!"  Catalyst Lass's stirring words sent the NWC's into
	Captain Napalm strafed the cavernous room, igniting fires everywhere.
Curly tore hunks from the wall humming, "I love you, you love me . . ."  Irony
Man's Repulsive Rays seared into the embattled interior.  Parking Karma Kid
slewed the great flight thingie around, dropping the troop door.  Out pored
the massed might of the LNH.
	Censor Girl's previous program sliced into CPU time.  ==destroytheLNH==
From her bionic liver, powerful electromagnetics swirled steel machinery frag-
ments about the room.  Ordinary Lady displayed impressive agility as she dodged
through the swirling metal.  Her katana deflected larger pieces away
from her allies.
	Contraption Man seized several pieces from the air, fit them together.
Snapping in a SuperVolt battery, the Mechanical Maven activated his hastily
constructed Super-Heterodyne Electro-Magnetic Pulse Canceller.  As the no-
longer controlled debris dropped to the ground, Curly burst through the wall
with a victorious "Woo-woo-woo!"
	Censor Girl snarled electronically.  "Damn you LNH!  You think I can't
parallel process?  I'll destroy you and the Wave Inhibitor both!"
	Ordinary Lady executed a graceful triple gainer and landed in a crouch
at the shield's edge.  "Maybe you can, cyborg.  But shall you face me astrally
	As the LNH splayed out around her, Dr. Killfile's eyes blinked for the
first time in hours.

		===============		===============

	As the battle raged around him, Killfile's psyche stirred.  Despite the
intricate strategems vying for control of his mind, the array of spandexed
characters before him stirred memories.  Memories of a red-clad cosmic being
that banished his body to apathy.  Memories of Continuity Champ!  Killfile
raged with all the mind he could muster.
	Ebon was locked in what he hoped was the final attack against the
interloper, Workload.  In an effort to end it, Ebon thrust mightily.  It was at
that moment that Killfile's will was stirred.  It was not enough to shrug the
two villians from his mind.  But it was enough to violently stir his
psychic terrain.  The disturbance was all Workload needed to counter Ebon's
thrust with mental jui-jitsu.
	Ebon raged at his sudden misfortune.  His strategy had been grandly
reversed.  Workload managed to actually pierce his shields once or twice, and
Ebon found himself on the defensive, fighting for his purchase.  His energy was
vastly depleted from his misdirected killing stroke.  Continued battle was
suicide.  Lord Ebon hurriedly explored his avenues of retreat.  He discovered
an unexpected avenue that so surprised him, only desperate mental acrobatics
prevented his defeat then and there.
	Unaware, Workload taunted his backpedalling foe.  "The match is done,
other-worlder, and we both know it.  Surrender, and I promise to banish you to
another, more productive, realm in which to scheme."  Ebon was not ready to
accept surrender.  He might retreat here, but by Magus, it was not over yet...

		===============		===============

	"An astral battle against a ninja?"  Censor Girl's eyes narrowed
suspiciously.  It seemed that she could not lose with her cybernetic enhance-
ments.  And strangely, she found she _wanted_ to smash an astral ninja.  Her
memory stored no data on why.  "Very well."  The cyborg and the ninja both sat
in lotus position.  The battle lulled around them.
	Censor girl's astral form prowled the astral-scape calling, "Ninja-
Girl.  Come out wherever you are."  Several moments of fruitless searching were
interrupted by her cybernetic sensors.  "A trick . . .?"
	Back in the Looniverse, Golden Man held an immense computer above
Censor Girl's shields.  With a "Take that, vile evil-doer" he slung it with all
his might.
	Just as he released it, Killfile came alive.  "Enough dallying, now to
end . . .huh?"  It was all he got out before the computer smashed against
Censor Girl's force field.
	Censor Girl's depleted power supply fed back as her shield failed.
Sparks flew from all her cybernetic parts.  She writhed in agony before she
dropped, smoking, to the floor.  The computer split precisely in half, and lay
in two large pieces on the ground.  One piece had the word "Wave" stencilled
on it.  The other displayed "Inhibitor."  Unnoticed in the adrenal post-combat
rush, Irony Man's detector maxed out.

		===============		===============

	Killfile's body lay beneath one of the machine halves.  Workload
laughed an incredulous laugh in the hollows of Killfile's psyche.  Why, his
actions were entirely redundant.  His best strategy was to stand back and let
this universe destroy itself!  True, he had not counted on Ebon's interference,
nor on Censor Girl's cybernetic Link to his pawn.  But while he raged in his
psychic war, the Looniverse was busily plotting its own destruction.  With the
Wave Inhibitor destroyed, he was done!  Briefly, the psynami receded from the
Looniverse, carrying Workload back to his lair.  It returned soon after, its
irresistable force rushing towards a now unprotected, fragile causality.

		===============		===============

	Ordinary Lady rushed up to Innovative Offense Boy.  He grabbed her in
a great bear hug.  "Way to @$&^@in' go, #&@$in' Ordinary Lady!"
	"I can't believe it!  Your plan worked!  I thought she would _kill_ me
when I sat down.  How did you know she would even want to battle an astral
ninja?  I mean since I can't see into the astral plane, my Photographic
Reflexes (tm) could never learn that skill!"
	"I really don't &*@^*%^in' know.  I just knew that @$(@^$! would fall
for it!"
	Catalyst Lass smiled at the hugging two.  They blushed and parted. 
"Okay Master Roster Man, assemble up the troops.  Captain Cleanup and Squeaky
--you guys get the mop up.  Everyone else goes back.  I am so proud of every-
body.  This was just a super job!"

		===============		===============

	Amongst the post combat debris, the senseless Censor Girl lay
motionless.  Unobserved, her cybernetic eye flickered.  Blackly.


Newsgroups: alt.comics.lnh
From: "Ken Schmidt" <kenaschm at cs.indiana.edu>
Subject: LNH Comics Presents #17
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1993 20:01:30 -0500

		LNH Comics Presents #17
	Continuing the Story that we need *YOU* to name!
Previously: It got slow...Tsar Chasm paid a visit to LNHHQ and took a
few LNHers on a small vacation..Kid Kirby played with his Kirbytech 
Junior lab set and foud out who was responsible for the whole mess
Now they go to pay a visit...or something like that...

	Organic Lass stood at the one control on Kid Kirby's teleporting
machine that she actually knew how to use.  The alarm that notified them of
activity on the part of Master Workload was still sounding.  The plan had
been finalized.First Kid Kirby, Pocket Man and Tsar Chasm would teleport in 
to distract Master Workload.  Seconds later she was to teleport Sig.nal Lad 
and Particle Man, who were to find the Dvandom Stranger and Constellation, 
respectively.  Sig.nal Lad would transmit when he was in position near the 
Dvandom Stranger, and then Organic Lass would teleport the pair back in the 
hope that the action would free up Constellation to get away with Particle Man,
who would then guide the pair back to Tsar Chasm's base at rec.arts.comics.
info.  Then the first group in would be pulled back.  Unfortunately, there 
were no plans after that.  They were relying on Constellation and the Stranger
to provide more information on which to base future plans.
	Organic Lass looked at Kid Kirby, Pocket Man and Tsar Chasm, the latter
two holding large energy weapons.  They made their final prepartions and
Pocket Man nodded to Organic Lass to alert her they were ready.  She mouthed
out a quick message to Pocket Man, who nodded, smiled and mouthed a reply.
	Organic Lass flicked the switch and sent the first group on their way.
She checked her watch and after the correct time had elapsed she sent
Particle Man and Sig.Lad.  Then she silently watched for Sig.nal Lad to 
to let her know to pull everyone back.
	Netlurker reappeared at alt.comics.lnh after a few days out and
about wandering the net, completing a few contracts.  His to-do list 
was almost at a manageable size.  Before de-lurking, he checked over the
list and sighed contentedly when he saw most of the items crossed off.  Then 
he saw an unchecked name near the top of the list: Tsar Chasm.  Netlurker 
sighed again, but not in relief.  Tsar Chasm wanted some pictures that 
Netlurker held and Netlurker had agreed to deliver...he just never said when.
Tsar Chasm had been insistent almost to the point of being annoying, but 
Netlurker had agreed, and a contract was never broken.  What puzzled Netlurker
was Tsar Chasm's inability to get the pictures on his own.
	He felt one of the pockets on the inside of his trenchcoat to assure
himself he had the disk containing the pictures.  He fixed the brim of
his hat and went on his way...
	Particle Man and Sig.Lad materialized into Master Workload's base and
were greeted by the sight of energy seething in every direction.  Amazingly,
the pattern of energy was orderly, and had a rhythmic quality to it.  Sig.Lad
flinched from the energy thinking it was from the battle between Master
Workload and the diversionary force, but quickly realized that he hadn't heard
the report of an energy weapon being discharged.  He looked around and saw
Pocket Man, Tsar Chasm and Kid Kirby motionlessly looking at a CAD face 
floating above them. Sig.Lad nearly panicked, thinking the diversion had 
failed quickly, but then he saw that the diversionary force was indeed 
moving, while the CAD face was motionless.
	Sig.Lad looked at Particle Man, who returned his questioning look.  
Particle Man shrugged in response to Sig.Lad's unvoiced question and they
began to search for their respective objectives.  Looking around the sterile
landscape, Sig.Lad didn't see the Stranger or Constellation.  His eyes began
to follow one of the trails of energy around the room, and up through the 
air eventually looping back into-
	"The Editorial Staff! And the Dvandom Stranger!" Sig.Lad pointed and
shouted, trying to inform everyone of his discovery.  The energy was creating
some background noise that drowned out conversation on a normal level.
	Particle Man spotted the Stranger some 15 feet above the ground and
followed the arc of energy traveling out from the Editorial Staff until it
	"Constellation!" Particle Man pointed to his goal to indicate he had 
found it.
	The twin shouts had broken Kid Kirby, Pocket Man, and Tsar Chasm out of
their contemplative stares at the frozen features of Master Workload.  When
they had materialized, they expected a fierce duel, with Kid Kirby hopefully
protecting Pocket Man and Tsar Chasm as they blasted away at the entity.  They
arrived and Workload didn't react.  The group waited for a trick, but
nothing ever came.  The group stood silently, staring at Workload, trying to
figure out what he was up to.  The shouts from Sig.Lad and Particle Man 
prompted Tsar Chasm to voice his questions.
	"This is odd.  He doesn't react to our presence, yet his hold on the 
Dvandom Stranger and Constellation still exists. What could be holding him 
from dealing with us?" (see LNHCP #16 for why -K)
	Kid Kirby spoke above the din of the energy,"It matters not!  Quickly,
Sig.Lad and Particle Man!  Take our comrades and withdraw.  We shall soon
follow.  Do not allow our great fortune of finding Master Workload in his 
current state stay your actions!"
	Sig.Lad gauged the distance between himself and the Stranger and 
assumed the abilties of Claymore, the Sig.Warrior.  Using powerful leg muscles,
Sig.Lad leapt up and caught hold of the Dvandom Stranger's ankles.  The force
holding up the Stranger also supported Sig.Lad, and the pair remained 
suspended off the ground.  Sig.Lad activated the power of Sig.Nal Lad to 
notify Organic Lass to teleport him and the Stranger back to rec.arts.comics.
	The pair suddenly vanished with the Editorial Staff and the bands of
energy also disappeared.  As the bands of energy dissapated, Constellation
began to slowly fall back towards the ground.  Particle Man caught the limp 
form and quickly shook him awake.
	"Huh...what..?" Constellation began to groggily inquire.
	"No time! Go sideways out with me NOW!" Particle Man said in an 
authoritative voice.
	Without a moment's delay, the duo vanished from the sight of Kid Kirby,
Tsar Chasm and Pocket Man.  The trio were still attempting to discern the
cause of Workload's inaction.
	"If severing Workload's link to a power source such as the Editorial
Staff is not distraction enough to return his attention here, I must assume
there is another force aiding us in our quest against this fiend," stated
Kid Kirby.
	"That could be, but it could be an even larger threat vying for 
control of alt.comics.lnh which found Workload an obstacle...either way, 
whoever wins the battle, it doesn't bode well for us!" said Pocket Man.
	Tsar Chasm pondered Pocket Man's words, "True, but that threat is not
yet known to us.  We need to deal with the known threat before we handle
any new ones...what do you think, Kirbi-" his question was cut off by 
Kid Kirby's machine, withdrawing the trio.
	For an inderterminate amount of time, the barren area stood quiet, 
with only a frozen CAD face hovering above the ground.  The reverie was
broken as Master Workload returned his main consciousness back to his base, 
riding his Psynami.  His victory over Ebon had been hard fought, but the
joy of that victory paled to the pleasure he anticipated from gloating
over the Dvandom Stranger.  With that infernal machine destroyed (see
LNHCP #16 again -K) the Stranger and the other outworlder were no longer
needed to sustain the effect.  They had now become little more than trophies
hanging in Master Workload's 'den'.  Master Workload's original wave could
now take hold, and slowly eat away the fringes of that...'Looniverse'.
	Master Workload activated the senses of the CAD head he had chosen to
represent himself physically (a nuisance, he thought, but necessary to 
communicate with the Stranger, who defiantly clung to his somewhat mortal
shell...what foolishness)  The nanosecond he resumedit he became aware that 
his base had been violated, and his adornments gone.  
	Rage flew through Workload's being at the thought of his base being 
invaded, and his prisoners taken.  The rage was soon replaced by mirth as
Workload realized what had transpired.  "Silly mortals.  The outworlder
means nothing to me now, and the Stranger is far too busy to remain
involved in this conflict.  You have done nothing except steal my
favorite decorations, and deprived me of the Stranger's conversation."
The area was soon filled by the sound of an entity laughing a hearty laugh.
	The figure materialized in a place that it had never been to, but 
felt familiar with its surroundings.
	"Who would dare..?" came the masculine voice.  The figure was 
shrouded in shadows, leaving his identity anonymous.
	A second figure appeared, holding a staff and wrapped in even darker
shadows.  "Your presence is required here.  Your prolonged involvement
would bring this journey to an unwanted end.  You now have different
roles to fulfill.  Those of watchdog and liason."
	"I care nothing for either of those roles!  Why have I been selected 
for them!?" the first figure demanded.
	The second figure shifted the staff so it stood between the pair, "It
has been pre-ordained.  The conclusion of this chapter remains a mystery, 
yet I know what will be done...what must be done.  The services of our
antagonist's greatest adversary are needed to assure that their involvement
is at an end!"  At 'their', the figure's arm swept outward, indicating a 
group of armored titans, the lead one had a scowl adorning its armored visage.
  The first figure nodded.  "I belive I am beginning to comprehend now.
Very well, Stranger.  I accept my roles, not gladly!  But the fickleness
of our new ally demands that a vigil is kept upon this group, a vigil that
could only be held by one such as I!"
	The second figure faded from sight, and a new entity arrived....
It appeared as only a head, and its features continually shifted.  Without
a word or thought exchanged, the first arrival understood what the newest
entity was here for.  
	Workload only thought he had hidden his plans, and the RACelestial's
involvement in them.  The first arrival realized he was here to make sure 
that the RACelestials were no longer involved in the conflict.  His thoughts 
turned to the significance of Workload's plans as he took up his position 
watching over the RACelestials.
	'-an?" Tsar Chasm's question was finished at his spartan base.  The 
ending was answered by a silence.  "Kid Kirby?  Did you hear what I as-" Tsar 
Chasm's question was cut off when he realized, "Kid Kirby did not make it 
	"That isn't the worst of it!" came Sig.Lad's voice.  "Somehow the 
Dvandom Stranger was snatched as well!"
	Tsar Chasm, Pocket Man, Organic Lass and Sig.Lad looked at each other
in confusion, unsure what to do next.

			---Ken, don't forget...come up with  a name
				for this LS and you...well, came up
				with a name for this LS! :)

Next Week:  The Third Part of Looniverse Adrift!

Arthur "Same Classic Channel.  But Same Time?  Probably not." Spitzer

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