SW10/WWW/PRECOG: Powernaut Coming Attractions

George Phillies phillies at 4liberty.net
Sat Jul 30 12:51:34 PDT 2016

> 1.  Power School 2013:  Homecoming!  Uh oh, there's a monster on the
> march from 2012.  Who or what might be cheering it on?  (Clues in the
> most recent RACCies!)  But first, Power School and Legion of Net.High
> School have to decide what kind of game their teams play at their
> Homecoming ceremony!

43-man squamish.  The reference is, admittedly, 50 years old.  One of 
the dorms at my university -- not mine -- was prepared to field a 
43-man-squamish team, but Mad Magazine was a bit unclear on a few of the 
rules, not to mention that there were going to be challenges finding the 
required pentagonal playing field.

> 3.  Power-STAR Comics 1984 Part 2:  Hyper-Power Crisis Wars!  The
> Powernaut 1985 series started with invading heroes, but never told how
> they came to Earth.  This prequel series would fill in that blank.

This series has certainly been going on for a while.

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