WWW: "HIT GIRLZ" It's like "Mean " meets "Pulp Fiction"

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> BFF's Bella and MaryBeth balance the popularity contest that is high
> school and the minefield that is social media with their unusual after
> school job--Being hired assassins for the mafia.

Hey, it's pretty cool to see these announcements every *three* pages or 
so, even if it means I read backwards from the latest page.

And the popularity contest seems to be no contest.  But this does seem 
like good angsty teen life.

> "HIT GIRLZ" by Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton. It's like
> "MeanGirls" meets "Pulp Fiction".
> HIT GIRLZ - Homepage
> http://www.xcelsioronline.com
> HIT GIRLZ - latest page
> http://www.xcelsioronline.com/?comic=page-8
> Dee

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