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> Subject: DIVA: SYSTEMIC #2
> That's right!  It's time once more for another foray into ALLCAPS-LAND for...
> SYSTEMIC: A DiVerse Alpha Chronicle
> by Colin Stokes

> The air convulsed, visibly, like a perfectly polished sheet of metal struck a
> mighty blow by some invisible hammer.  John staggered a little, the accompanying
> wave of force physical and something more as well, as five glowing white points
> winked into existence.  Worldbreaker started humming a bass note that set his teeth
> rattling as each point drew a thick white line to its nearest neighbors, forming a
> pentagon that grew larger and larger until it barely fit in his office.
> Worldbreaker switched tones, higher now, and the pentagon's interior snapped to an
> opaque, blinding white.  The pitch rose again, and above it John could hear the
> muffled sounds of a space station aethergate room – and then see the room itself,
> too, as the whiteness began to clear.

Is it just me or are these folks from a LOST UNIVERSE?

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