MISC: GODLING # 56 Rescue Mission part 1 by J. Vandersteen

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GODLING # 56  Rescue Mission part 1 by J. Vandersteen 

– GODLING – THE ONE MAN PANTHEON:  Rescue Mission part 1

Quentin Alexander walks off campus, carrying some books under his arms. As he is ready to cross the street a dark black sedan blocks his way. The back window opens, revealing a black man with a handlebar moustache, wearing a military uniform. Quentin recognizes him.
    “Captain Daniels!” (they met before in Godling’s World # 5).
     “Hi, professor. Or should I call you Godling?” Daniels says.
    “Huh? What? What are you talking about?” Quentin asks.
    “You should have thought about that act before you recognized me. Don’t be naïve. With our sattelites we monitor everyone and everything these days. Of course we’ve seen you change into Godling. Now please get in, I need a word with you.”
    “I’ve got work to do, papers to grade, colleges to prepare,” Quentin says.
    “I didn’t look you up just to say hello,” Daniels says. “Agent Destruction is in danger. And with him our entire planet. We need your help.”
    Quentin sighs, “A hero’s work is never done it seems. Okay, guess I will have to improvise at college tomorrow.”
    Daniels opens the door and Quentin gets in.
    “So, what’s the crisis?” Godling asks Daniels.
   “We got the intel that The Cyborg League was busy building a weapon of mass destruction on an island in the Bermudas. We sent Agent Destruction over there to make sure that weapon couldn’t be completed but lost all contact with him. We sent Nave SEALS, but they didn’t return either. Now we hope you can find out what happened and take out their weapon.”
   “Sounds dire. I don’t think I ever heard of them before.”
  “You’re a superhero, aren’t you? You should do a better job keeping up with things like that! The Cyborg League is a terrorist group that things the world will be a better place if all humans get replaced by machines.” (they first appeared in Godling’s World # 11)
   “Sounds like something humanity doesn’t need much help with,” Quentin says.
   “Don’t joke. You’re bad at it,” Daniels counters. “Well? Can we count on you?”
   “I guess. Give me directions and I’ll head out there,” Quentin says.

DA Linda Cooper is sitting in her office, reading a file, chewing on the leg of her glasses. In storms Julius Slim. Linda’s secretary tries to keep him from entering, but is unable to.
    “Slim? What are you doing here?” Linda asks.
    “I’m subpoenaing you, Linda. What did you think? I promised I’d be dragging you all to court for the way you work with Godling, didn’t I?”
    “Come on, Julius! Godling saved this city dozens of times. So you too. Why turn on him?”
   “I’m not turning on him, I’m turning on the total disregard for the law you and the police exhibit!”
   “We’re living in crazy times, Julius. More and more of these supercreatures show up. The old laws won’t cut it. We have to adapt.”
    “Sure. But what about the rights of those supercreatures when you are all so busy adapting? I’m standing up for them. Now, that’s all I have to say for now. The rest I will share when the judge is present.” He walked off, blowing a kiss and saying, “See you in court!”

An island in the Bermudas. Two cyborgs carrying huge rifles patrol the harbour. Suddenly Godling jumps out of the water. He throws a glowing metal ball from a sling that hits a cyborg in the head, short-circuiting him. The other one is taken out by a swift kick and Heracles-powered punch.
   “Here I am. Now to track down Agent Destruction,” Godling whispers.
    A flying scooter appears in the sky, a strong search light shining down. Godling goes invisible, using one of the powers of Hermes. The scooter disappears again.
   Godling goes visible again. He examines one of the cyborgs he took out. Using the engineering skills of Hephaestus he goes to work, taking some high-tech tools (is that sonic screwdriver there?) from a backpack he is carrying.
   “Okay, I think I did it. Now to get him activated with a bit of juice,” he uses just a bit of Zeus lightning to power up the downed cyborg.
   “Online. What is you command?” the cyborg says.
   “Tell me where to find Agent Destruction. Then tell me where to find the weapon of mass destruction you are building,” Godling orders.
   “Acknowledged,” the cyborg says.
A large command centre on the island. A tall man who looks like most of the cyborg but wears a goatee and a large cape as well as a staff with a Terminator-like skull on it stands in the middle of it. The other cyborgs are all at work on their computers, watching the screens.
   One of the cyborgs says, “Patrol Alpha XVI is not answering our pings. Wait, they are online again. They are not answering my commands, though.”
   “Get a unit there, quickly!” the tall man says.
   “Right away, Cyborg Prime!” the cyborgs says.


Six futuristic motorbikes come speeding towards Godling, cyborgs riding them.
     “Here comes trouble,” Godling understands. Using the power of Boreas, God of Northwind, he blows his icy breath on the ground, making it all slippery. The bikes skid, bumping into each other, cyborgs getting thrown off the bikes. Two bikes explode.
     From his backpack Godling gets his glowing mace and he bashes the cyborg, metal parts flying. What is left is smoke, fire and broken down cyborgs. Amid them stands Godling, glowing mace thrust into the sky, victorious.
    “I’m glad I defeated them, but it looks like the idea to make this a covert operation has failed,” Godling says.

“Did you see that, Cyborg Prime? It looks like this intruder is very powerful,” one of the cyborgs in the command centre says.
    “Indeed. Prepare our special soldier. He will take out this intruder for sure,” Cyborg Prime says. “We will just let the intruder come to us.”

Godling flies over Cyborg Island. Below there are futuristic structures and vehicles and armed cyborgs walking around or busy building more of them.
    “This place is crazy, why haven’t I ever heard of it? And if they’re so advanced as they look, why don’t they seem to detect me anymore? Guess I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but I figure it might be a good idea to be extra careful,” he thinks.
     He reaches a large building that looks like a missile silo. “That’s the place the cyborg told me about. Security seems to be pretty low.”
     He lands, four cyborgs are in front of the silo. They get their blasters ready to fire.
     Godling takes the blasts, using the invulnerability of Achilles. He uses his mace and his combat training received by Ares, God of War himself to kick and hit his way through them.
     “That was even easier than I expected. Now to open up this little jar…” the One Man Pantheon says and rips off the door covering the silo. He peers down the silo. There’s missile there but it seems to have a robotic face.
    “Is that their weapon of mass destruction? Did they lock up Agent Destruction here, so near his target? Interesting choice. Well, time to get a closer look,” and with those words he drops down the silo.
    When he reaches the ground he takes a look around. “This really went way too easy. It makes me suspect it’s a trap even more.”
    “Prepare to be destroyed, intruder!” 
   “Yep, I was right. But… What? You?” Godling says, surprised.
   In front of him is a rocky looking, monstrous man with skin that looks like a camouflaged tank. He’s wearing red boots, red shorts and a yellow, thick utility belt. He has no nose, no visible ears but glowing red eyes. He’s wearing some sort of helmet filled with antennas.
    “Agent Destruction? What happened to you?” Godling wonders.
   “DESTROY! DESTROY! DESTROY!” Agent Destruction says and attacks.

NEXT: You guessed it… Godling vs Agent Destruction!

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