LNH: Cover Gallery #34i

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Fri Jul 15 21:10:47 PDT 2016

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Liefeld's Porpoise, the Red Herring, and the other members of F.I.S.H Force
are running across the White House lawn. A woman, wearing a fisherman's coat
and hat with a domino mask, stands next to an open window and swings a fishing
rod through the air. The lures on her hat and coat are all stylized mouse
pointers. Caught in the fishing reel is Barracks Boatman, struggling in

WOMAN: Nyahaha! I've catfished the President, net.heroes, and you won't
*believe* what happens next!

Caption box: [Inside: 22 pages that will make every '90s kid fear that the
piscine paladins of the Legion can't possibly stop... CLICKBAIT!]

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Drew "I love puns" Perron

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