META: A New Meta, A Grand Design - WISP(?)

deucexm deucexm at
Sat Jul 9 20:06:15 PDT 2016

On Saturday, July 9, 2016 at 3:02:46 PM UTC-5, Adrian J. McClure wrote:
> This all sounds excellent. I feel like there should be some kind of
> recurring costume element. Maybe a brooch?

Had some lively discussion about this with Mr. Perron, and revised this post a 
number of times.  :)  So, under the idea of 'general visual elements':

6) Outfit or costume including (generally):
 a) Brooch
 b) Heart and flame shapes
 c) Red/gold/pink coloring

His further explanation: "The colors can be most associated with this specific 
role.  The heart and the flame are associated with the larger roles of healing 
and of continuing on.  The brooch can be a costume element that's found in all 
sorts of places, among all sorts of characters."

So to build on that, a WISP story's main character would likely have an outfit 
that included all the above.  Other characters with similar power origins would 
likely have brooches in their outfits as well, but their designs and the colors 
of their outfits would be associated with whatever role they play.

Paris, who I alluded to earlier, has a general and only vaguely defined angelic 
motif, so I'd have to relook at her actual design a bit, but I could definitely 
make this work.  So I think it's a good direction to go.

- Colin

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