8FOLD: Darkhorse # 9, "Make It Magnificent"

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat Jul 9 11:53:02 PDT 2016

On 2016-07-03 06:31, Tom Russell wrote:


>    She should be dead by now. Or dying, at any rate, her entire body
> going into one last seizure that lasts an eternity.

Not the resolution I was expecting; I admit I was anticipating more 
brawny super-science.  But this worked out fine (and dramatic too).


>    Riding on the ant is the fast human who had muscled in on the
> chicken bounty. On the other side of the ant, there is a mechanical
> man with a lance riding a giant lobster. On the other side of him,
> there is a tyrannosaurus rex in a three-piece suit; a centaur with an
> automatic bow; a fluther of airborne neon jellyfish; and a hipster
> gorilla in a trilby.

Gee, could it be... Space Jellyfish (as seen in Super Wizard *and* 
Powernaut stories)?  I wouldn't mind at all if they showed up here.  8{D>

>    "The multiverse needs you," she says. Then, "I know you don't come cheap."
>    She tosses a large bag to the ground. Bunny gnaws it open with her
> teeth, and thousands upon thousands of tabs come pouring out.
>    "That's the first installment. Will you stand with us?"
>    Bunny nods.

Now *that's* a plot hook.

> 1. Young Turks
>    Rod Stewart
> 2. Hold On Tight
>    Electric Light Orchestra
> 3. Graceland
>    Paul Simon
> 4. The Mercy Seat
>    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
> 5. Summer Cannibals
>    Patti Smith
> 6. 2000 Miles
>    The Pretenders
> 7. Hide In Your Shell
>    Supertramp
> 8. Forever Young
>    Rod Stewart
> 9. Atomic
>    Blondie

I only allow Rod Stewart and Paul Simon on my music player when they 
have partners along.  But otherwise Melody's playlist is a lot like some 
of mine.

All in all, a decent ending.

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