8FOLD: Darkhorse # 7, "Your Pride In Danger"

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>>>    "Insect respiration," says Melody between big honking gulps of air,
>>> "no lungs. Spiracles. Puts a limit on their body size. Giant ants
>>> should not even be a thing."
>>>    "Yeah, well, tell that to the giant ants."
>> Heeheehee. I mean, if the oxygen content is different... (I mean, I think they'd
>> be able to tell *that* pretty quick, due to oxygen intoxication...
>I think even with higher amounts of oxygen, the mechanics of insect
 > respiration would still put a severe limit on their possible size. :-)

Well, isn't the big limiter amount of oxygen available per unit of surface area? 
Isn't that why there were so many larger insects in the Mesozoic? `.`

>>> "The last few Earths, you have been incrementally
>>> slower. You were also pretty sloppy on Murder Clown Earth and Tree
>>> Person Earth, for example.
>> Oh my. XD
>This was my way of saying "btw, a bunch of other stuff happened that we
 > didn't see", or, alternatively, "there was a bunch of other stuff that might
 > find its way into a filler Medley story or two".

I really wanna see Tree Person Earth.

>>>    "Part of my super-speed is that I have an incredibly high
>>> metabolism, which means I have to consume twenty thousand calories
>>> daily."
>> Oh wow.
>The whole "speedsters-have-to-eat-a-lot" thing is an idea that I stole
  > from.... was it William Messner-Loebs or Mark Waid? I wanna say Messner-
  > Loebs, though I think Waid ran with it (heh).

I think it might've actually started in Mike Baron's issues at the very 
beginning of Wally's run.

>>>    "I'm rescuing you. I think," she says. "You're Gareth Roberts?"
>> Oh hey, I really liked the Shada novelization. I kinda feel like Closing Time
>> was a big step down from The Lodger, tho.
>D'oh. Usually I google character names before I finalize them. Apparently I
  > didn't in this case.

Heeheehee. :D I mean, they're both common names (in the UK anyway).

>>>    "Oh, okay, yes, let's do that." Rainshade places her fingertips on
>>> Metronome's forehead. In an instant, she's slumped to the ground. Then
>>> she waves her umbrella at Gareth dismissively: the restraints
>>> re-fasten themselves.
>>>    "Oh, this is bullocks."
>> Dangit Rainshade. >:| Everybody has their own reasons FOR BEING AN ASSHOLE
> So, uh, you called it on this one. :D

Heeheehee. :> You know, it's interesting. I was looking at previous issues so I 
could point out a really obvious clue you had dropped that pointed out Rainshade 
as the source of the "weird conspiracy about a thing called The Company" thing, 
but, um, it didn't exist. X3 Apparently that connection was just really natural 
in my head.

 > Then the story becomes about whether or
 > not she's going to get caught, or whether or not you want her to get caught--
 > seeing so-and-so doing x all along is more interesting of course than a
 > "so-and-so was doing x all along" kind of reveal.

Depending on how you do it, of course - but yes, I really want to see more of 
that. :>

Drew "ZA COMPANY" Perron

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