8FOLD: Darkhorse # 8, "Be Courageous and Be Brave"

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On 6/26/2016 8:22 AM, Tom Russell wrote:
>    "Not surprised," says Rainshade. "Mystical amnesia. Common side
> effect when you go after a powerful mancer without the proper wards
> and experience."
>    Ugh, that's some vintage Rainshade right there. Kate never did like
> her.

Mmmmmmm >:I

  Originally, it was because while Kate was being chased for
> violating the Fitzwalter Rule with her phasing belt, Rainshade was
> violating it with a super-tech umbrella. Of course, that hatred was
> based on a faulty assumption, as it wasn't a super-tech umbrella, but
> merely a totem to channel her metamancy.

Ah, interesting. :o

>    "We're making targeted jumps ourselves, sending self-replicating
> Medusa-loaded radio-bots to try and meet them halfway.

That's pretty neat. :D

> It's not long before Cal finds herself at the top of a long, spiraling
> staircase, which makes sense, as tall retro-future spires aren't
> exactly known for their horizontalness. The fact that each step
> stretches out before her tiny, tired legs like it was thirty or forty
> feet, and that the drop-off from each step is a couple of stories,
> makes this a little more daunting.

Awwwwww. ^^;;;

> Ugh. Why do all the
> super-people have to be such giant boring nerds?
>    Well, except for Melody. She's okay, mostly, except for the part
> where she's completely perfect.

Cal the tiny tsundere

>    Cal peers over the ledge and takes a deep breath. "Here lies Cal
> Morgan, 6 July 1997 to 24 December 2014.

*instantly feels old* *goes to look up something for revenge on Tom* That's the 
day Malingerer Lad and Teenfactor #6 came out! <3

>    She strolls over to the next ledge, and then immediately backpedals
> away from the huge fricking spider crawling up the step with its
> woolly mammoth legs. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back off. Go away. Go away
> spider nobody loves you. Shoo-shoo-shoo."

Ah, one of the most beloved tropes of the Incredible Shrinking Person Who's 
Still Figuring Out Their Gender Identity genre.

>    As Cal runs toward the spider, it stops its own headlong rush,
> rearing back. POW! She socks it right between two of its eyes. "Oh my
> God, I just caved in part of your face! I'm sorry, spider!"

awwwwwww. I feel that way when I accidentally hurt a bug or such too.

>    "I'm escaping," says Melody, scooping her up in her hand. "I
> seduced the guard." She points to the guard. The guard smiles, weakly
> and uncomprehending, and gives a meager little wave.


>    "You weren't 'seducing' him, like it's some kind of stratagem! You
> were 'seducing' him, like you were getting your groove on! I came here
> to rescue you!"

Oh my god. X3

>    "And you did," says Melody. "You absolutely did. You rescued me.
> You rescued me from making a mistake. A yummy mistake. With washboard
> abs."

X3 X3 X3

>    "In my defense, it was Valentine's Day, and she was kind of cute,
> for a homicidal psychopath."
>    "It's like I'm the responsible adult now," says Cal, dumbfounded.
> "We have literally found a parallel earth where I'm the grown-up. The
> multiverse really is full of infinite possibilities."

This is great. XD <3

>    "I'm going to put you in my pocket," says Melody.
>    "Oh my God, don't you dare put me, okay, so I'm in a pocket now."

I love the banter.

>    "My sister's timestamp is different than mine," says Medusa. "I've
> been monitoring the passage of time in the last few seconds, and I've
> confirmed that time passes exponentially faster on this parallel earth
> than ours."
>    "So, that just means we're running out of it faster," says Melody.
> "They're running out of it faster down in that city."
>    "So is Cal. So are you."
>    "...How long?"
>    "If you jump now, we can get Cal's treatment started immediately.
> If you stay for just a few minutes, it will be too late."

That doesn't make a lot of sense but this is good enough drama that I'll go with 
it! (And that's a pretty high bar for me, lemme tell ya)

>    "Jesus," Cal grimaces. "But we can't just leave these people to
> die! You can't. You can't put me above them. It's not fair to them."
>    "But I can't ask you to--"
>    "Nobody's asked me anything," snaps Cal. "Everything's just
> happened to me! My whole life. But this time, I get to make a choice.
> And I want to make the right choice. So let's do this."
>    "Cal," says Melody, "if we don't go now, you're not going to get
> larger ever again. You're only ever going to be the inch."
>    "Then I'll be The Inch," says Cal.


>    "Melody," says Medusa, "you're running out of time, too. If Cal
> knew you were dying..."
>    "Medusa, I need the most efficient evacuation route for every
> living thing in that city, and I need it now."

*nods* u.uv

> On that blighted, miserable world that we call Hurricane Earth, there
> are still stories of the Darkhorse:
>    How she bore them through solid walls;
>    How she scooped them up before trees came crashing down;
>    How she brought them to safety;
>    How she gave them hope;
>    And how, when the hurricanes, like wrathful demons, turned their
> attention from the ruined city to their safe haven, she dared them to
> chase her, and they gave chase, and neither she nor the terrible
> storms were ever seen again.
>    Some speak of her warmth, or of her speed;
>    Some, of her language, alien and unknowable but sweet and melodic;
>    Some, of her laugh;
>    Some, of her smile;
>    Some, of the sadness in her eyes.
>    Between that day and this, a relatively short time as we measure
> it, countless generations have come and gone.
>    Each night, the science-prophets read the ancient signs, for it is
> foretold that one day the great storms will once more ravage the
> lands.
>    But they do not fear them, for it is said that when they return, so
> shall she.

aaaaaaaaaa. ;.;vvvvv Quoting all of this BECAUSE IT'S GRAND.

Drew "seriously, REALLY fuckin' good stuff" Perron

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