8FOLD: Darkhorse # 6, "Colder Day By Day"

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Mon Jul 4 16:48:40 PDT 2016

On 6/12/2016 10:12 AM, Tom Russell wrote:
> This earth is lush and green. Cal wonders if it's their earth, then
> notices the pteranodon overhead.
>    "So, not ours," says Cal.

I mean, I wouldn't necessarily count it out, considering.

>    "Ssh. Medusa, is that you?"
>    "Yes, Melody."
>    "Wait," says Cal, "how are you getting Wi-Fi here?"
>    "It's a local instance, off-line. Where've you been, Medusa?"

Hmmmm, yes yes, this works well for an upcoming story

>    "A corollary to that is that if a person is shrunk down for too
> long before their system has been able to adapt to it, they will
> remain miniaturized indefinitely."
>    "Can you define 'too long'?"
>    "By my calculation, Cal would need to be restored to full height
> within the next twelve hours.


> "What are the chances we can find
> an enlargement ray on one of these parallels?"
>    "The problem is that the only radiation she would respond to would
> be native to our Earth's frequency. She'd be immune to the rest."

Shrinking is *hard*, you guys.

>    "No," says Melody. "I'm saying that, if we have A and B, Medusa can
> figure out C."
>    "Ooh, nice plan, Pythagoras."


> Medusa, am I hot or cold here?"
>    "I think I need to turn on my cooling fan," says Medusa. "It's much
> too hot in here."

She's adorable.

> Those will take us to Earths that are
> more likely to, hang on," she punches out a dinosaur, "so rude!,
> Earths that can give her valuable results.


>    "Melody," says Medusa, "are you going to tell her? She should know
> what's at stake. It's her life. Her body."
>    At super-speed: "No, she'll just wig out. We don't need that drama
> slowing us down."


>    Said plan had involved using his vibration-manipulation magic to
> mimic a type of magic commonly called the "don't-notice-me effect". He
> would then waltz onto the red-eye heading back across the pond, since
> no one would even think to ask him for a ticket.

I had a dream last night about going to a movie, realizing while I was in the 
theater that I didn't have a ticket, sneaking out before they checked, and 
fixing the grand cosmic conflict of the movie. (Which was about water filled 
with the anger of water goddesses from millions of years ago breaking loose? It 
was, in theory, a Kamen Rider Ghost/Spongebob Squarepants crossover, but really 
there wasn't much of either.)

> It's how he and Rhys managed to find where The Company
> had been holding Eira in the first place.
>    Their powers were still new to them then. Rhys was out of control,
> roasting the bastards alive. Gareth hadn't perfected his preferred
> method of execution, a single concentrated pulse directed right at the
> brain. Instead, he just vibrated the bodies apart. Eira killed her
> torturer by teleporting him fifty stories up in the air. Gareth made
> sure that they let one of them go.

Mmmmmm. x.x

> An ant? He hates ants. He reaches in to fish it out, and that's
> when it springs out of his boot and becomes a five-foot costumed
> woman.


>    "Punch in the face!" She swings her left fist.


>    "Well," he says. "One dead hero's as good as any other." He's
> preparing his coup de grace when he feels something sharp and pointed
> at his back.
>    "Your sister wasn't our only teleporter," says a voice, and then he's gone.

Oof. ^^;;;

>    "Hey," says Derek. "How are you feeling?"
>    "Better," says Kate. "Not, not a hundred percent, but well enough
> to be of use."
>    Simon looks at Derek, and clearly doesn't agree with Kate's assessment.


>    Derek explains about the mancer that tagged Melody before she
> teleported away, and that said mancer should be able to track where
> Melody is.
>    "Okay, but what's a mancer?"
>    "Um," says Simon, "so I guess there's magic now? Magic is a thing, now."


>    "Just a concussion," repeats Dot. "Yeah, well, a concussion is
> enough, believe you me. I don't need anything else on top of it. Oy.
> Hi, Kate. Kate's brother."
>    "Simon," says Simon.
>    "Nah, I'm just going to call you Kate's brother, if that's okay."
>    He shrugs.

Dooooot. XD Be nice.

>    "No," says Derek. "We're not sure where the teleporter took her to.
> We're not getting any signal from her headset. Apparently the mancer
> you were following is tracking her. So if we can find him, we can find
> her. And Cal. Rainshade's still looking."
>    "So," says Dot, "if I placed a subcutaneous tracking beacon on his
> ankle, that would be helpful, yes?"

Oho. I see what's gonna happen. :D

>    "Look it," says Kate.
>    "You're in trouble now," says Simon. "She only says 'look it' like
> that when she's pissed."

Heeheehee. :3

>    "Not helping, Simon." Kate turns back to Derek. "You're trying to
> protect me. That's sweet, and dumb. Mostly dumb. And patronizing.

Pretty much Derek in a nutshell! <3

> Derek, I'm the right person for
> this. Don't screw with me on this."
>    "Alternatively," says Derek, "we send Rainshade.



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