8FOLD: Darkhorse # 5, "The Vicious Air"

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Mon Jul 4 15:30:06 PDT 2016

Been so all over the place. CATCHING UP.

On 6/12/2016 10:07 AM, Tom Russell wrote:

  > Think of each mancer within a discipline as having a somewhat narrow, yet
  > fuzzily-defined focus. One pyromancer might be able to start fires, and
  > another might be able to control them once they've started. This is different
  > than out-and-out sorcery or "magic" as used in "Beyond the Fields" or
  > "Empress of Pages". It's more about an innate connection between Venus and
  > the person, about magical energies being channeled directly into and through
  > that person's body. Being a mancer is much more limited and specific.

Ahhhhhh, interesting. That makes sense. (More superhero-y, you mean. :D)

  > So while the only mancers we've seen so far-- other than Skin of Snake-- are
  > either working for the Company, or "bad guys" like Gareth trying to take down
  > the Company, it doesn't mean that the Company is the beginning and end of who
  > can be mancers, not by a longshot. So I wouldn't assume right from the get-go
  > that Rainshade is necessarily channeling a Company mancer.

I see. :o (And I mean, Magical Dame Bubblegum Bootheel is also non-Company.)

Drew "needs to come back to her sometime" Perron

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