DIVA: The DYAL Goes To Eleven #1

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Wed Jan 13 19:55:52 PST 2016

On 2016-01-13 06:16, deucexm wrote:
> Since someone mentioned it in the review, I thought I'd put in some time and
> effort, and continue working onnnnn...!

Oh, might that have been me?  Or my in-universe reviewer Psychovant?  We 
both like the Salon DYAL, but only *he* can actually pay you a visit.  8{C>

> The DYAL Goes to Eleven: A DiVerse Alpha Chronicle
> by Colin Stokes
> Chapter 1: Jack and Queen
> =====
>     "Well then, if you be able t' prove yourselves with one job, maybe I let you see
> the big list, yah?" Solyra offered, quickly filling a sheet of paper with contours
> and red and blue lines - red for the molten rock, blue for the water - and adding a
> pair of Xs to mark the salon and the hunting grounds.  "Can't be havin' just
> /anyone/ see where t' get the best materials."
>     Archer nodded firmly.  "That is acceptable."
>     The door closed after them, and Solyra watched it for a moment longer, smiling a
> bemused little smile at the curious pair before grabbing her notepad and furiously
> scribbling and sketching as the creative juices flowed.  This was truly a day for
> art /and/ profit!

... Oh, my, I feared for my favorite Salon.  I was afraid Our Hunters 
might need an expert guide, and drag Solyra along for this hunt!

I see the Salon DYAL will specialize in character stories.  That's 
perfectly fine.  I'd love to see how this one goes.

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