LNH/META: Panta in Berserker Rage Drawing..

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 00:29:35 PST 2016

On 12/17/2015 11:50 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> An attempt to draw Hubert Bartels's character Panta in BERSERKER RAGE(TM).
> http://lnhwebcomic.tumblr.com/post/135424639926/an-attempt-to-draw-hubert-bartelss-character
> For how she should actually look:
> http://www.eyrie.org/lnh/gallery/panta_a.jpg

Hmmmm! Not bad, but she looks, I think, more adult than she should - not that 
that's a problem, personally... >.>;

Drew "the early stages of the moe aesthetic" Perron

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