8FOLD/HCC: Mighty Medley # 24, December 2015, by Messrs. Brenton, Perron, Russell, and Stokes

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On 12/13/2015 4:29 PM, Tom Russell wrote:
> Several luminaries of the age are name-dropped, but
> unfortunately Boye the Battle Poodle is not among them, for which the
> author apologizes most profusely.


> Ever since he started borrowing faces, Skin of Snake
> had been mighty sensitive to others and their sorrows, and to the
> traces they left behind in objects.

Yeah, I know that one.

>     Skin of Snake threw his head toward the hall and took a step forward.
>     "Now, hang on, Jack," said the left. "You know the rules. No one
> but the boss."
>     Skin of Snake stopped and stared at the man on the left. He counted
> to five in his head. He pulled out his knife, wiping Trumpet's blood
> on his sleeve, staring at it in admiration. He put the knife back in
> its sleeve. He looked up again at the man on the left. Then, he
> smiled.

Heh heh heh.

>     Skin of Snake opened the door just wide enough to squeeze himself
> through, letting the door close behind him. He expected to see the
> poor helpless girl strapped to the bed, and was much disturbed by her
> absence. Did he have the wrong room? Had something happened to her?
>     He didn't see her until she had opened his throat with his own knife.

...aheh ^^; Well, that's... not unreasonable

> On the road between London and Oxford, I saw a small group of
> soldiers, well-seasoned in mayhem, and appropriately fond of murder
> and pillage.

That is a good line.

> At this
> point, there was no hope for it, and I decided to give them an answer
> that would be sure to enrage them; and I later comforted myself with
> the knowledge that I had given them a chance, though it were but a
> small comfort.

Badassery time.

> "Two days later, I did return the
> favor, and carry his right eye in mine pocket; here, I will show it to
> you now.

I love that way of phrasing it.

> "I shall settle my accounts with them to my satisfaction
> presently. Or at least that is my intention, but I am afraid that you
> gentlemen have delayed me unduly."
>     I grabbed hold of my head on either side and twisted it off with a
> quick and well-practised motion, then did replace it with Head No. 8.


> I left one of them alive, discovering upon inquiry that they had been
> roundheads, and when the business was done, I did charge this man,
> with burying his fellows, save of course for the heads, which at my
> instructions he gathered into my sack. This he bore upon his back, and
> then he did follow me, and in remembrance of the event, I did bid him
> answer for the rest of his days to the name of Winslow, for it means
> the hill where one's friends have been buried.

Fascinating... I wonder if the various Headman tales are leading up to anything...

> Magical shadow has its limitations, but when it's used properly it
> actively obscures the evidence of its own presence. But the ability
> that you were using to keep yourself unnoticed? It reaches out to
> cloud the perception of anyone who might be watching.

Active vs. passive camo, right

> Marcus wondered if the memory of the Nindenheim camp
> was aggravating her. (Actually she was still wondering whether he had
> been led to them by the antibody reaction of this world in an attempt
> to put a stop to the activities of Joan and herself.)

Heeheehee. You're quite good at undercutting things. (Occasionally a bit too 
good, but~)

> However he had an unpleasant feeling that whatever these two
> actually were, they weren't part of a trap.

Gosh darnit, I can't shadowmurder them

> "Whatever the case, I urgently need to know what you
> were talking about when you talked about the world breaking up and
> everyone dying and the bits leaking into somewhere else. I get the
> feeling that things are much worse that I realised, and you two seem
> to be the only ones who could help me fix what's wrong."


> ----------------------------------------------------
> -----------------SEE YOU NEXT MONTH-----------------
> ----------------FOR OUR DOUBLE-SIZED----------------
> -----------------TWENTY-FIFTH ISSUE-----------------
> ----------------------------------------------------

i still gotta finish that

> All stories are the copyright of their authors. Sander and Rethizon,
> about which more very soon, were created by Tom Russell & Andrew
> Perron.

Drew "HELL YEAH" Perron

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