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Thu Jan 7 00:10:38 PST 2016

On 12/29/2015 5:24 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
>     The three continued to ignore her. Paragon thought <that really cute
>     redhead has a pretty husky voice. I kinda like that. It's too bad that
>     the doc did not get to finishing putting on the pleasure attachment so
>     that I could show her the ultimate good time.> Paragon then noticed
>     that even when he didn't have his 'ultimate' attachment, he was still
>     thinking with it.

Oh my.

>       >> I didn't do much, but they did let me record your transformation.
>       <<
>       =- Good. What happened? -=
>       >> Well, let's see. They first used the redheaded woman's fire
>       ability to generate extra energy that they would need. They then
>       took your ears and used the genetic material within them to
>       re-create parts of your body. The blue-haired guy's power enabled
>       them to do that. Most muscles and some of the skeleton were cloned.
>       Many of the vital organs were done, but a few of them could not be
>       finished. It looks like they tried to use the old guy to allow them
>       to merge from where they were to this plane of reality, but I'm not
>       too sure how they did it. You will have to lubricate the mechanical
>       parts of your body with oil. Your skin, hair and bad breath seem to
>       be intact. As their final act, they incorporated within you the
>       power of the Ultimate Marble. That's about all I have. Oh yeah, they
>       did mention that the whole process cost only about six million
>       dollars. <<
>       =- Are you trying to tell me that I am a six million dollar man? -=
>       >> Well, not including taxes, and you're not all man, either. <<

Heeheehee. That pretty much works.

>     Paragon noticed that everyone was up and about. "When is the next
>     portal to the Earth being opened?" he asked Tobin.
>     "Very soon", replied Tobin.
>     A little while later, Paragon went through Tobin's portal to the
>     Earth.

Oh, that was accurate

>     "You can't change the future. I have already seen it", pleaded
>     Aridalla.
>     "One thing that 'RAC Challenge!' has taught me is that the future is
>     not set. And neither is the past, for that matter.

Heeheehee. <3 A good meta joke.

>     Paragon started to look around the room and spotted an advanced
>     physics book next to the computer terminal. <Perfect. This book is
>     just what I need. It's not a real good jumping on point for new
>     readers, but luckily, I've already had a few physics courses in
>     college.>

Yesssss. Good use of title.

>     The clown's head then started to tilt backwards and it shot
>     out a purple square missile that nailed him directly in the face. As
>     Paragon started to lose consciousness, he thought to himself <Did I
>     just get my ass kicked by a giant PEZ dispenser?>


Drew "very silly" Perron

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