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On 12/16/2015 9:28 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> Chapter 20: When the sky hits your eye like a big pizza pie, it HOITS!
>     by wReam

Well that's an appropriate title/author matchup.

>     "Well done Pira." The stout blue haired man said to the shapely
>     pyrokinetic. Then turning to a hidden figure he said, "Aridalla, will
>     they be safe here now?"

Yet another example of RACChallenge authors introducing a bunch of new 
characters! When will the madness end!?

>     "Ultimate blood! I love ultimate blood!" shrieked Bloody Beth. "I am
>     the Ultimate Vampyre!"

That does follow, yes

>     "Gee, she didn't even put up a fight!?" Frisbee said disappointed. He
>     walked past the vampire to find Paragon. His mangled corpse lay on the
>     ground. Breaking a wooden chair he rammed a wooden stake through his
>     heart. "Seems kinda pointless, we save him for a year and then he dies
>     again!?"

He's got a point

>     Suddenly the corpse of Bloody Beth jerked back to life. Its eyes shot
>     red and widened. "Hahahahaha!! I have tasted of eternal life! The
>     Ultimate Life! The Ultimate Blood!" The vampire jumped up and grabbed
>     Frisbee by the head and torso and bit deep into his neck. His entire
>     body fell limp as he was nearly decapitated by the force of the bite.

Oh, also, tidily getting rid of previous Exciting New Characters. That too is a 

>     "Of course even if I was exposed to this type of sunlight I would have
>     to somehow be obliterated such that I could not regenerate in it."
>     Bloody Beth stopped short of sinking her teeth into her dazed victim
>     to think. She really was invulnerable. "And the only way to obliterate
>     me... uh... gee, I have no idea... my regenerative abilities are
>     beyond any known phenomenae... I suppose I would have to have
>     something disrupt the very fabric of reality and shred me, of course
>     that would not kill me... just set me back... I would THEN have to be
>     exposed to intense heat and that alien sunlight... hee hee hee..."
>     Suddenly the fabric of reality shredded around and in Bloody Beth.
>     Before she could blink even more her being was scrambled and a portal
>     opened in the exact position of where she was standing. From within
>     the portal a strong sunlight shone. The pieces of Bloody Beth boiled
>     and sizzled like bacon, eventually shrivelling up to nothing.

Heeheehee. Yeah okay.

>     Midge looked her up one side and down the other and smiled. "The Delta
>     Squadron!? Didn't you guys all get killed by Bloody Beth?! Oh great!
>     Aridalla is NOT going to like this, somehow we have moved a year or
>     two in the past. What year is it?"


>     "We have to come back in time to
>     get colonizers. In a year this planet will be destroyed and nothing my
>     time seeing abilities have seen can avoid this calamity. It simply
>     WILL happen. "
>     "How?" Esper said inquisitively as she dragged herself from the floor.

Yeah, that doesn't seem like a thing that a good superhero team can't sto--

>     "Our sun will explode. It is already very unstable.


...well, fair.

>     "Barely. I think that I can revive Paragon, but it will require me to
>     completely replace his body with cybernetic implants.


>It is confusing, I know.

Basically the storyline.

>     "Well, I doubt he will be capable of much 'Love and affection' once we
>     have him all pieced together again, so don't get your hopes up."

As you know, we run on Shadowrun rules, which state that mechanical enhancements 
make you less human, because we hate disabled people.

>     "I will divide up the squadron. All 200 members will partecipate.


>     Paragon tried to open his eyes. He had been so close to death so many
>     times, he was beginning to get used to the idea that perhaps he
>     already was dead, and he was just experiencing periodic moments of
>     life.


>     "What have you done to me!?" Paragon strained to say. The words did
>     not come. Rather they were broadcast on a speaker in an alien tone.


>     For your writing convenience, and if you want to add something to this
>     go ahead. The "Settlers" each have a code name with the exception of
>     Masheik. (Don't add to the Settlers, but you may add to the GAMMANI
>     list since there is now an entire new world to explore.)

wReam you know people are just gonna screw with your concepts. That's the most 
fun part of them

Drew "needs more Spurgo" Perron

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